How ConnectWise Improves Business Collaboration And Communication

business collaboration and communication

Are you looking to improve internal communication? Or do you want to make knowledge sharing easier? Or do you want to deliver a quality customer experience?

One way you achieve these goals is through effective business communication. For example, resolving support tickets quickly is not enough on its own. It would help if you also were mindful of how you communicate with the user.

ConnectWise offers several tools like outsourced IT help desk, PSA, IT documentation, and feedback systems to enhance internal and external collaboration and communication.

Some of the benefits these tools provide are the elimination of communication silos and email overload. It can improve employee engagement and customer retention and build a healthy work culture.

Let us explore a few of ConnectWise’s products and how they can help your organization.

The Asio Platform by ConnectWise

Disjointed teams and systems create inefficient business processes. As a result, tickets take longer to resolve, and customer and employee satisfaction rates remain low.

The Asio Platform by ConnectWise offers a unified and modern approach to IT management. The platform offers several products under core services like business management, cybersecurity management, and unified monitoring and management.

It provides a unified data layer for all core business operations. As your teams are referring to a single source of truth, it avoids miscommunication. Other entities like devices, users, and tickets are shared across the platform.

Additionally, the platform offers intelligent services like AI, machine learning, and a centralized workflow engine. A streamlined IT platform helps organizations improve productivity and performance while reducing labor costs. Other benefits include security first, optimized data insight, and risk mitigation.

ConnectWise Solutions That Help Improve Business Collaboration and Communication

Now that we have seen what the Asio Platform can do for you let us look at some product offerings that make collaboration and communication easier.

1. PSA

If you are running an MSP, the Professional Service Automation (PSA) software can help connect your business. It focuses on creating a single data layer to which all your teams can refer.

Its key features include help desk automation, cloud billing services, time tracking, sales and marketing, reporting, and project management.

These features help improve internal communication by keeping all teams in the know. A unified data view provides clarity on what is going on with your business. It helps drive employee accountability from a time perspective.

Using the PSA cloud portal, you can improve how customers interact with your business.

2. Remote Control

Understanding issues from a ticket description and images alone cannot always be possible. In such cases, the tech agents will have to troubleshoot the problem on user devices. With teams across geographies, remote access provides a secure way for agents to view user devices.

ConnectWise Control is a remote access software that lets agents establish direct, reliable, secure connections to user desktops and mobiles. The software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux systems. It is also compatible with most major browsers.

The solution comes with security features like AES-256 encryption and 2-factor authentication. In addition, it can be customized at the most granular levels to ensure authorized access.

With the premium version, your tech team can inspect hardware or on-site issues through the user’s mobile camera.

A secure way of remote control improves communication between service agents and customers and leads to lower resolution times.

3. IT Documentation

Without a centralized IT documentation process your team may be uninformed or collaboration can become challenging. Your help desk team will not be able to provide consistent issue resolution and customer experience.

ConnectWise offers ITBoost, an intuitive IT software specializing in consolidating documentation tools. You can create a centralized document library with documentation, business insights, and customer data.

You can build consistent knowledge-based articles with customizable templates on offer. The knowledge base in return can help agents provide consistent and quality customer experience.

With ITBoost, you can enjoy improved communication, collaboration, service delivery, and operational efficiency. It also reduces the strain of maintaining separate tools and documentation software with a unified platform.

4. Help Desk Services

Your help desk team is the communication link between your business and customers. It is not only about resolving issues but also about how you answer queries and provide a personalized experience.

According to a Gartner report, if customers receive value during a service experience, they are 82% more likely to repurchase. And there is a 97% probability of customers sharing positive feedback with others.

ConnectWise help desk services include features like level 1 and 2 support with 24/7/365 days availability. The agents will be certified and trained to handle tech issues, for example, network security or endpoint issues. With immediate access to technical expertise, you can scale your business without compromising service quality.

5. SmileBack

SmileBack is a feedback system designed especially for MSPs. It is built on Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Using SmileBack, you can trigger surveys after the closure of support tickets. The one-click surveys make it easier to receive customer feedback.

The data you receive can be better segmented with unique tags relevant to your business. You can see a graphical view of performance metrics with real-time dashboards. Moreover, the data can help improve business processes and create a customer-centric approach.

6. SOC Services

Cybersecurity may not be the first thing you think of when considering communication and collaboration. But the ConnectWise SOC services monitor your client’s IT infrastructure, take care of cyber threats and provide a safe environment for interactions.

The SOC services are available 24/7/365 days. Client environments will be constantly monitored, and issues will be remediated.

Other features include a team of cybersecurity experts, a research unit dedicated to understanding new threats, and a fully staffed in-house team that makes scaling businesses seamless.


The workplace landscape has changed significantly, with remote work becoming mainstream. This has made effective business collaboration and communication all the more critical.

The Asio platform by ConnectWise provides all stakeholders with a unified view of the business. Its products like PSA, remote control, IT documentation, help desk, and SOC services help employees share knowledge, collaborate and resolve issues quicker.

With the SmileBack system, you can also get customer input on how you can do better. You can visit the ConnectWise website to view product demos, register for a free trial or request a quote.

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