How Does ConnectWise Automate Work?

ConnectWise Automate Work

The ultimate objective of any IT service provider is to manage their client’s assets, workforce, and all business operations on a single, centralized system. The shift to the remote and hybrid work environment has led to high demand for remote monitoring and management software solutions.

IT specialists are constantly on the lookout for an all-in-one client management tool that can track different assets and patch any vulnerabilities before they result in serious concerns. ConnectWise is one such comprehensive tool used for an extensive range of IT operations.

This software company has introduced ConnectWise Automate—a tool that aims to automate complex IT functions.

With the continuous development of RMM tools, SMEs and large-scale corporations demand a robust software solution from their outsourced IT help desk. ConnectWise Automate is just that. Apart from being an easy-to-use network monitoring tool, it’s a full-featured application that covers all areas of IT operations—from remote monitoring to network security.

Keep reading to learn more about ConnectWise, how it works, and how the solution benefits its users.

ConnectWise Automate Explained

ConnectWise Automate, as the name suggests, is an IT automation tool that streamlines remote network monitoring and management operations. The solution is engineered to offer the IT help desk full control over all devices across the network—agent and agentless.

The solution lets your IT team get a clear picture of all assets on a neat dashboard. Not only can it keep tabs on different devices, but the solution facilitates automatic updates, patching, and resolving security concerns without interrupting your routine operation.

Simply put, it helps monitor and control several IT-based tasks from a single location. Issues in the network or bugs in applications are detected and resolved remotely without affecting the network. This allows end-users to execute their jobs normally while their systems are updated and fixed as and when required.

The solution comes with a robust support system, so if you need help, the support agent will always be available at your disposal. By automating most of the IT operations for your organization, ConnectWise Automate saves you the time of handling these issues manually.

Features of ConnectWise Automate

Do you know 45% of business operations can be automated with technology? And 83% of IT service providers believe that automation is a crucial step in digital transformation.

If you are also planning to automate IT functions for a streamlined workflow, ConnectWise Automate can help. ConnectWise is packed with simple to complex IT management features that make your technicians’ lives easier.

Here are a few of them.

1. Scan and Discover Devices

An ideal RMM tool for an IT help desk is one that offers excellent visibility into the connected servers. ConnectWise Automate has a discovery module that scans all managed networks and shows you the list of clients that are online.

The discovery for all devices across different organizations is managed on a single dashboard, which makes monitoring easier. The ConnectWise Discovery module shows the most up-to-date list of the connected devices and the agents and agentless systems you support.

The tool shows the device’s status details as well. It tells you which device needs an update, which is running smoothly, and which is in a critical state. It also automates agent deployment. This helps your team get better visibility into your clients’ computers, workstations, and other devices (on-premises and remote).

2. Remote Monitoring

ConnectWise Automate enables the IT help desk to act proactively and keep an eye on their client’s software, hardware, and network operations 24 hours.

Now you can monitor and resolve your client’s IT issues before they crop up.

Use the Remote Auditing feature to check which technicians are connected to remote networks, their activity, and connection duration. There’s a video-recording function, which can be used when the company performs an audit.

ConnectWise Automate is designed to monitor agent and agentless devices from a single location. This gives you full control over the supported networks, irrespective of whether you have deployed agents or not.

3. Automated Patching

Your clients don’t have time to update their outdated software applications manually. They leave it to their outsourced IT help desk company.

Tracking these updates regularly and processing them is time-consuming. By automating these tasks, your team can focus on other important activities.

ConnectWise Automated Patching module can update multiple systems simultaneously, improving your clients’ network security and enhancing the overall system performance.

Automated Patching will update all third-party applications integrated into your client’s devices. The patch feature is compatible with Mozilla Firefox, iTunes, Chrome, Amazon Corretto, Zoom, etc.

4. Agentless Management

ConnectWise Automate supports all connected devices, allowing you to access the entire IT infrastructure of the organization flawlessly. This also covers remote workers using devices outside the workplace to conduct business operations.

Now, monitoring and managing the supported devices for in-house as well as remote users won’t be a problem. The best part is your technicians get a bird’s eye view of these systems on a single, centralized dashboard.

5. Get Alerts

The uses of ConnectWise go beyond device monitoring. If the system detects network failure or a security risk, it generates automated alerts and sends them via email or SMS. In addition, it can take action without the technician’s intervention.

The system is customizable, allowing the IT company to configure the settings for alerts based on what suits their needs. It can trigger troubleshooting as soon as it detects a technical problem or will just send an alert. The system might also wait until the same issue repeatedly occurs before taking action.

The historical data regarding technical issues, security breaches, and system updates are recorded within the RMM. This helps in threat detection and conducting trend analysis.

Bottom Line

The setup and configuration of ConnectWise Automate are fairly easy. You can check out its pricing plans on the website. It might differ depending on the level of support required. You are charged a one-time implementation fee and consulting from IT experts to get started with the software. Check out its free demo to learn more about how it works. Functionality-wise, ConnectWise is an ideal remote monitoring and management tool for IT help desks.

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