How To Use Google Workspace For Business?

Google Workspace for Business

Google Workspace helps you set the most efficient business operation process with a pack of advanced tools and software. It provides you with the A to Z business solution, enhancing your customer service, team collaboration, data security, project management, etc. So your IT service desk can perform efficiently, providing flawless services.

Businesses, irrespective of their size and kind can benefit from Google Workspace. Its flexible and easily adaptable tools are equally helpful for a startup and an enterprise. Moreover, you can subscribe to a version depending on your business requirements and pay accordingly.

Once you complete the subscription and sign up for your Google Workspace account, you can start using all the features and integrated apps. For example, if you receive an email in your Gmail account, Google Calendar will automatically record it as an event. Similarly, you can work on Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc., and share them with the team. In the occasion of any changes made to the documents, all assigned members will receive an email alert. It helps with better collaboration in the organization.

The cloud-based feature of Google Workspace makes your business operation more efficient. All team members can work on one document from multiple devices, even without the Internet. It allows equal engagement of people outside your office, who may be your staff, client, or vendors. So there is a better chance for all to be on the same track while working on a project.

However, before you subscribe, it is crucial to know about Google Workspace features, its various editions, and how to use it for your business. It will help you select the best version matching your business requirements. So let’s learn about Google Workspace and its usage.

Different Editions of Google Workspace:

Google Workspace offers three versions. The prices range from $7 to $ 21 per user per month. It enables you to choose an edition as per your business requirements. So it also ensures cost-effective IT service desk services.

A basic Plan is appropriate for a small startup or individual entrepreneurship. The Business plan again has three versions: Starter, standard, and Plus. It is the most popular plan as businesses can use the most suitable one at an affordable price. The third plan is Enterprise, and as the name suggests, it is appropriate for large businesses. The Enterprise Plan is customizable and covers advanced-level data security, flexibility in storage, 24/7 support, and policy control.

The main difference between the three plans is the storage limit, security benefits, and support system. However, in all cases, you can start with a 14-day free trial, which allows 10 users to use the tools. So you can get an insight into the features and user experience before subscribing to a plan.

What will You Get with Your Google Space Subscription?

Google Workspace comes with a variety of apps that ease all your big and small business operations. From customer engagement to project management, you can use these apps to increase efficiency and productivity. Here is a list of the apps provided by Google Workspace.

  • Collaboration apps: Gmail, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Currents,
  • Storage apps: Google Drive
  • Project management apps: Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sites
  • User control apps: Admin, Vault, Endpoint, Work Insights

How to Use Google Workspace for Your Business?

There are endless benefits to using Google Workspace. However, your team should understand the value of these distinct features to ensure the maximum utilization of the tools. Here is how you can use Google Workspace for your business.

1. Send Brand Email Through Gmail

With Google Workspace, you can send brand Emails containing your organization’s domain name. Your team will enjoy the same user experience as Gmail, but customers will see your brand. Besides, your IT service desk executive can impress the customers by sending brand Emails to them.

It works as a protected enterprise-grade premium email that businesses can control, but there is no requirement to sustain an email server. So you can effortlessly add or withdraw users as the company requires.

2. Securely Store & Share Your Data

With your Google Workspace account, you will get a Drive to store all business files. You can use an individual drive to store data not to share with others, or share only to selected people. On the other hand, a team drive is accessible to all members. So you can use it to store sharable files.

In the business plan, the Google Drive storage is limited to 30 GB, while the Enterprise plan provides unlimited storage. However, there are also options for 2TB and 5TB storage.

Sometimes you need to store data from a deleted account, mostly in case an employee departs from the organization. In this case, you can use Google Vault, which retains data from a suspended account or deleted documents.

Further, in Google Drive, there are the Admin Console and Endpoint Management features. These features let you control all the devices connected to the Google Workspace accounts. You can also supervise security settings and access control to ensure data safety.

3. Opt For Google Add-ons to Increase Efficiency

In your Google Workspace platform, you will get an add-on marketplace. It offers many third-party apps that you can integrate with Google Workspace for enhanced productivity.

4. Improve Collaboration with Google Meet & Chat

Good collaboration in the organization always yields more efficiency and better productivity. Google Workspace includes advanced collaboration apps such as Google Meet, Calendar, and Chat. These apps allow real-time collaboration through chat and video conferencing.

Further, Google Current enables you to create a social network within the organization. It helps to streamline communication across various departments. You can initiate discussion and share content with other people.

5. Launch Websites with Google Sites

In this digital era, the first requirement of a business is a website. It helps you in brand building and communicating with the users. Besides, many organizations need multiple websites. Sometimes you also need to launch a website in a short period.

Google Sites enables you to develop and launch a website effortlessly without the need for any coding work. You can select a template and grab content from your Google Drive, and your new site is ready.


Google Workspace comes with a pack of business solution products, ensuring smooth operation for all businesses. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, the tools of Google Workspace provide an unmatched array of benefits. It will also bring efficiency to your help desk support services with excellent team collaboration and data sharing.

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