Medical Call Centers In India

Medical Call Centers

Some of the most established names in the medical health arena in the US and UK have established their medical call centers in India to serve their patients better and streamline access to healthcare.

The idea of medical call centers has metamorphosed into this highly skilled; very technical, cost-effective partnership between medical centers and patients sitting far away in the United States.

The common reason for opting for call center outsourcing is to save costs on call handling, employee, and facility management; but the motivation goes much beyond that is because the call centers are manned by executives who are educated and medically proficient and trained to give medical advice.

In a medical call center patients can call in and speak with an executive who might be a nurse or other healthcare professional, trained to help individuals in need of medical assistance. The patients might be asked to see a physician and provided with the number of a doctor nearest to them or be asked to get some over-the-counter products or told to report to the emergency room if the case is so.

The most important aspect of a medical call center is the staffing of the right kind of executives. It is not mandatory to have only doctors on board (although that is a big help) even other medical professionals trained for the job can man the call station.


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    Some call centers however do have in-house doctors attending to incoming calls wherein each call is transferred to the appropriate medical practitioner sitting in another cabin.

    Another consideration for staffing in medical call centers is the soft skills of the agents. It is of extreme importance that the caller is made to feel relaxed, helped to overcome his panic, and then given a solution without getting angry or losing patience.

    Quite often, qualified nurses staff such a call center.
    The major functions of a medical call center include quickly assessing the patient’s problem, gauging the severity of their situation, and deciding what course of action would be best for the caller. It is of prime importance that the call center executive is properly trained and able to take a balanced decision in the face of such stressful situations.

    The main advantage of these call centers is to take the load off hospital emergency rooms and OPD’s and help patients to access medical attention without any delay at all times. Availability of medical help at all odd hours is the greatest benefit of these calls centers. The medical call center industry has massive opportunities with an increasing population and more stressful jobs.

    The call centers can even be disease-specific, such as a call center for thalassemia or diabetes which can help patients and guide them.

    The increasing number of medical call centers apart from the medical transcription centers speaks volumes about its success and effectiveness.

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