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Offshore call center refers to the practice of hiring an external partner or subcontractor who handles all your business processing like bills, customer services, and customer leads, etc., and takes inbound calls on behalf of your company. The main difference between outsourcing and offshore call centers is their location. Offshore call centers are in a foreign land away from the country where the product is being actually manufactured or sold mainly due to considerable differences in wages and cost-saving that accrues to the parent company.

The critics of offshore call centers harp on the amount of employment loss to the countries who are offshoring, but that is not true because offshore call centers actually help the country of origin as it saves them millions of dollars in expenditure and the same can thus be invested to develop their economy and generate more jobs. Money saved is money earned and offshore call centers ensure that the countries that are outsourcing save their monies!

The most important areas where offshore call centers save money & have been a great success are data processing, computer programming, and call handling.

The best and the most cost-effective offshore call centers all over the world are in India. Offshore call centers help in saving money and time. Offshore call centers offer various types of services from sales, support, and maintenance to content management, troubleshooting, and knowledge-based outsourcing.

While selecting a good offshore call center study its entire range of services and its capability to handle clients, its record, and testimonies from its previous clients.

An effective offshore call center has a complete understanding of your industry needs and those of your business since they will be the representative of your company to the world outside and all your customers who call in.

Remember that selecting an offshore service provider is almost always cheaper. The savings are substantial and over a long period of time do affect the company’s financial grounding. Therefore offshore call centers are thriving and will continue to do so as they are symbiotic and helpful both to the nation outsourcing it and to the outsourcers.

Here comes the issue of ethnic accent raised by a few detractors of offshore outsourcing.
They say callers may be bothered by the accent of Asians while speaking to them, but this problem too is more or less resolved with the voice and accent training provided to employees in all offshore call centers across the region. There are not many differences in accent than any other normal American or British resident ( Indians are great at the art of mimicry and voice changing!) therefore this is of no major concern considering the money saved and the business enhanced by these offshore calls centers.

As is evident the driving force behind offshore call center servicing is the need to cut costs (and more so during the recession) while the enabling factor has been the internet which allows digital data to be accessed and delivered at the click of a mouse from around the globe!

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