SysAid vs ManageEngine Compared 2023

SysAid vs ManageEngine

Are you trying to set up a help desk? Or are you trying to scale the help desk to accommodate your growing business? Customer service software is a solution that can help in either case.

SysAid and ManageEngine offer products and plans that cater to improving help desk operations and making the experience a positive one for employees and customers.

The right solution will improve agent productivity, help streamline help desk processes, and improve customer satisfaction rates. These solutions can be used even if you are working with an MSP offering help desk outsourcing services.

We will start with a brief overview of SysAid and ManageEngine and delve into their comparison.

An Overview of SysAid

SysAid aims to make IT service management a breeze for companies. You do not want to spend time and resources on routing tickets or tending to repetitive tasks. SysAid specializes in automating workflows.

Its product range is designed for small teams to large organizations. It has built-in reporting and asset management capabilities.

It can make managing your IT help desk easier. You can request a customized product tour or get a free trial to understand how the product works.

An Overview of ManageEngine

ManageEngine aims to simplify technology for businesses. Its product range is divided into categories like IT operation, identity and access, enterprise service, and security information management.

One of its IT service products we will be focusing on today is ServiceDesk Plus. The product comes with a full stack ITSM, ensuring the high availability of the services you offer. It can help boost help desk productivity with automation and improve self-service adoption rates.

ManageEngine also offers a free trial and demo for ServiceDesk Plus. You can visit their website, provide your company information and get hands-on experience with the product.

SysAid vs ManageEngine Compared 2023

Now that we have an overview of SysAid and ManageEngine let us see how they fare against our comparison factors.

1. Deploying the Product

All of SysAid’s offerings come with implementation services from their ITSM experts. There are plenty of learning resources available that can help you with personalizing the product. For example, on its Video Knowledge Base, you can find tutorials for setting up modules and integrations.

ServiceDesk Plus also scores a similar rating in user reviews when it comes to deployment. You can visit the Support section to access user guides, product videos, quick start, and performance guides. A best practices guide is available that can help you make the most of the product.

SysAid and ManageEngine are both easy to set up.

2. Using the Product

SysAid is an easy tool to use. Its service automation features make handling help desk issues easier and quicker. Several user reviews mention user experience as one of the positives. You can also request a custom demo session led by SysAid experts to understand the product better.

ManageEngine is also a fairly easy tool to use. It incorporates ITSM workflows and offers smart automation and codeless customization features. Some users initially may take time to understand the full stack ITSM suite, but with training and hands-on experience, it gets easier to use the tool.

SysAid can be an easier product to use than ManageEngine.

3. Target Users

The target user base for SysAid and ManageEngine are similar. For example, these solutions are widely used among company sizes varying from less than $50 million to $10 billion. They are also used by companies over $10 billion, but their market share is limited.

Some prominent clients using SysAid are Fuji Xerox, General Cable, the City of Allen, the University of Michigan, and Auxis, among others.

Some of the prominent clients using ManageEngine are Premier Bank, CGC Egypt, First American Bank, and Pfizer, among others.

4. Platforms Available

SysAid offers its products on cloud and on-premise basis. The on-premise offering is available on Windows and Linux OS. The SysAid cloud offering is cost and time effective, and scalable. Mobile for on-premises is an app available that is suitable for Android and iOS devices.

ManageEngine’s ServiceDesk Plus is offered on cloud and on-premise. The on-premise edition can be downloaded on Windows and Linux devices. Again, a cloud offering is more convenient, as ManageEngine will be responsible for hosting.

You can find ServiceDesk Plus apps on Play Store and App Store.

5. Supported Integrations

You can find the complete list of pre-built packages and integrations in the SysAid Marketplace. It supports over 25 integrations. One of its popular integrations is Zapier which, in turn, lets you connect to more than 3000 apps.

A few of the popular integrations on the SysAid Marketplace are:

  • Google Apps
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office365
  • Slack
  • Zoom
  • Java

ManageEngine supports over 30 native IT and business integrations. They help improve the scope of your IT service management tool and optimize help desk processes.

A few of the popular ServiceDesk Plus integrations are:

  • IT operations management
  • Active Directory management
  • Zia for ITSM
  • Jira
  • Zoho Voice
  • Microsoft Outlook add-in

6. Pricing Guide

SysAid offers three pricing plans that may suit organizations of varying sizes and needs. All these plans include implementation by SysAid ITSM experts.

The pricing plans offered by SysAid are:

  • Help Desk – for small and growing teams
  • ITSM – for medium-sized team
  • ITSM AI – for large organizations

You will have to submit a request to get a quote from SysAid.

ManageEngine also offers three pricing needs to suit the different IT requirements of companies. The pricing plans on offer are:

  • Standard – beginner ticketing system
  • Professional – help desk integrated with asset management
  • Enterprise – a complete ITSM suite

The Standard plan starts at $10 per technician/month, Professional at $21 per technician/month, and Enterprise at $50 per technician/month. The price will increase depending on the number of technicians and nodes. You can also purchase several add-on services.

You will have to contact ManageEngine’s sales team to get a quote depending on your custom requirement.

7. Free Trial

SysAid offers a free trial for 30 days. You can request a free trial for any of its offered packages. You can submit a request by providing your company information and phone number. You will not need a credit card to complete the process.

ManageEngine also provides a free trial for 30 days. You can choose to try out the cloud or on-premise version. Similar to SysAid, you will have to provide your business information to avail of the trial.

8. Customer Support

To connect with SysAid experts, visit the Customer Success Hub. Here you can get technical support, submit a ticket, know about the latest releases, and join events.

If you are looking for self-help resources, you can access product documentation, watch video tutorials, get online help, ask the community, or read through FAQs.

To contact a SysAid expert, you can use chat as an option. You can contact them from Monday 8:00 am to Friday 10:00 pm GMT. On-call support is available 24/7. You can also submit a ticket by logging into your SysAid account.

ManageEngine provides support 24 hours a day, five days a week. Classic and Premium are the two types of support offered. With Classic support, you can use chat and email to contact technical experts. With Premium support, you also call experts and receive 24/7 support for high-impact issues.

In terms of self-help resources, you can access ManageEngine’s knowledge base, service packs, and online resources.

9. User Training

If you are looking to master the SysAid products, make your way to its Resource Center. You can access articles, webinars, whitepapers, video bites, and podcasts and attend virtual events.

The Video Knowledge Base is one of the strongest points of SysAid. New agents can follow video tutorials to understand the product better. You can also visit the Customer Success Hub to join in-person or virtual events.

To access ManageEngine’s learning material, navigate to the Support section on the homepage. You will find links to Resources, Video Lounge, and Training and Certification here.

You can access the knowledge base, product documentation, and white papers in the Resources section. Under Training and Certification, the company offers four types of training – onsite, classroom, online, and customized packages.

10. User Ratings

Gartner rates SysAid as 4.5 out of 5, considering the all-time 578 user ratings. IT support enablement, multichannel engagement, user experience, and knowledge management are some of the most liked features by users. 87% of the SysAid reviewers would recommend the product to other users

On the other hand, Gartner rates ServiceDesk Plus as 4.3 out of 5, considering the all-time 1023 user ratings. Service configuration, reporting, user experience, and case management are some of its top-rated features. 82% of the ServiceDesk plus reviewers would recommend the product to other users.

SysAid vs ManageEngine Comparison Table

Factors SysAid ManageEngine
Deployment Easy, you can contact SysAid’s ITSM experts Easy
Product Use User-friendly User-friendly
Target Users

Small businesses

Medium-sized companies

Large organizations

Small businesses Medium-sized companies

Large organizations

Platforms Available



Mobile for on-premises



Mobile Apps

Supported Integrations Over 25 integrations supported Over 30 integrations supported
Pricing Guide

Plans offered:

Help Desk



Contact SysAid sales team for a quote

Plans offered (per technician/month):

Standard – starts at $10

Professional – starts at $21

Enterprise – starts at $50


Submit request for custom quote

Free Trial 30 days 30 days
Customer Support





Video Tutorials

Online Help


Technical Experts:





Knowledge Base

Service Packs

Product Documentation


Technical Experts:



Remote connection

Call (Premium support)

User Training

Resource Center

Customer Success Hub

Video Knowledge Base


Training and Certification

Video Lounge

User Ratings 4.5 out of 5 – 578 ratings ( all time) 4.3 out of 5 – 1023 ratings (all time)


A well-organized help desk helps employees handle work better and resolve issues quicker. This, in turn, leads to improved customer satisfaction.

A customer service solution can significantly aid in organizing the help desk. It can further help automate processes and reduce workload. There are AI-powered modules that make knowledge management and decision-making easier.

We hope our SysAid and ManageEngine comparisons provided clarity on choosing the right customer service product.

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