ZenDesk vs SysAid Compared 2023

ZenDesk vs SysAid

When your IT agents have the right tools, it gets easier for them to manage users and handle all technical operations efficiently.

The ITSM software is one such smart and automated help desk application that streamlines your IT operations and helps you deliver excellent service to the end user. The software can be deployed on the cloud or your premises.

While most ITSM systems feature an exciting range of automation tools and share some standard functions, they might vary in terms of features, integration, customer support, pricing plan, etc. In this post, we have reviewed the two most popular help desk software solutions – ZenDesk and SysAid.

Before we start, note that both are feature-packed ITSM tools designed to serve businesses of all sizes and natures. Their purpose is to make day-to-day management easier. To help you pick the best one, we’ve created this comparison guide that shows you the differences between ZenDesk and SysAid and some notable features of each.

What is ZenDesk?

Businesses no longer need a ticket-management tool. Instead, they are looking for a robust and more comprehensive solution that can simplify technical operations and automate hectic manual tasks. ZenDesk help desk software is just that.

Trusted by over 100,000 businesses, ZenDesk is a neat and efficient help desk software designed for IT agents and end-users. The intuitive dashboard is easy to use and offers excellent navigation. So, whether you need reports or a glimpse of unresolved tickets, you can explore them on the dashboard.

What’s new? The software facilitates seamless collaboration between support teams. IT agents can use its web portal to drop private comments regarding common IT issues. It also gives your agents a real-time update on who’s resolving the ticket and what’s the progress status.

The issues can be resolved faster with a self-service portal. The software offers community forums, a knowledge base, and a help center that allow users to resolve common issues without raising a ticket. This streamlines IT management and boosts users’ confidence. You can also collect insights into your agents’ performances and user satisfaction rates through its built-in report and analytics function.

What is SysAid?

SysAid is built for IT help desks that struggle with a large volume of tickets and delayed ticket resolutions. This ITIL-aligned software is designed to automate your IT functions. The company claims that with SysAid integrated into your workflow, you can enjoy hands-free IT operation.

SysAid is much more than a help desk, though. It digitizes the entire workflow so that your employees can focus on more critical tasks instead of fulfilling repetitive user requests all day.

Your team no longer needs to assign tickets manually or escalate the issue to top-tier management. SysAid has brought an ITSM solution that automates all major IT-related functions.

ZenDesk vs SysAid: Which is the Best?

1. Best For

SysAid has an ITSM solution that is perfect for a help desk company looking to streamline its management operations. It is a centralized unit where all your user queries are automatically collected and assigned to qualified agents.

ZenDesk is more of a customer management software. It offers a consolidated view of all user queries and a detailed history of interactions with this user. The platform supports excellent team collaboration, ensuring that tickets are resolved quickly and efficiently.

By recording all user interactions, past tickets, and trends, ZenDesk offers a personalized user experience. It’s best for small, medium, and large-scale corporations looking for customer management tools.

2. Automation

Both – ZenDesk and SysAid – offer excellent automation. However, SysAid gets a competitive edge because of its extensive range of customizable, automated features that make IT tasks manageable. The solution scans all assets (hardware and software) within the organization, gives a complete list of its upgrades, and monitors them for bugs.

It has hotkeys that enable users to record their screens and upload them to the self-service portal so that your agent can fix the issue easily. The tickets are created when a user sends a concern through email, live chat, or phone. They are assigned to the available agents and are closed as soon as they are resolved. All these tasks are automated.

ZenDesk offers the same, except its automation capabilities are not as extensive as SysAid.

3. Remote Control

SysAid offers remote control capabilities, allowing your agents to monitor all devices connected to the same network from a centralized dashboard.

Whether the user is working from the office or their couch, SysAid can monitor their systems seamlessly. It will watch out for any technical issue and resolve them before it causes any inconvenience to the end user. ZenDesk doesn’t have built-in remote-control capabilities.

4. Pricing Plans

Just like outsourcing IT help desk pricing of 31West, ZenDesk too has a transparent pricing policy. The software offers four plans, starting at $59/month per user..

For this price, you get a help center, easy-to-configure tools, reporting, 1000+ app integration, robust APIs, customer support service, and an automated ticketing system. To access advanced features, you can upgrade the plan to Professional at $125/month per user or Enterprise Suite at $199 per month.

SysAid has custom pricing plans, which aren’t disclosed yet. You need to talk to their representative to get a quote. Each software offers a free trial.

5. Integration

While ZenDesk is compatible with a few third-party apps and plugins, it doesn’t beat SysAid when it comes to integration.

You can integrate SysAid with TeamViewer, Slack, SalesForce, QuickBooks, Jira, Google Tag Manager, Zapier, and other sales & marketing solutions for streamlined operations.

SysAid can serve as your all-in-one platform for all tasks ranging from HR management and sales to the IT help desk. If you want a software app that offers excellent integration capabilities, we have a clear winner.

Bottom Line

ZenDesk and SysAid serve the same goal to automate IT management tasks. But each comes with different features and offers different integration capabilities. Some features, like automation, reporting and analytics, a robust dashboard, and 24/7 live rep support, are offered by both. To select the best tool, take a look at your business workflow, agents’ requirements, and the types of concerns you face. Also, request a custom quote from each to make an informed decision.

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