Top 10 Remote Support Software Compared 2024

remote support software

With more and more businesses embracing the hybrid and remote work trends, remote desktop software is a must for companies operating remotely. These software solutions are designed to automate technical operations, making management easier for admins and IT specialists.

This allows technicians to get access to the devices operating remotely, discover all assets on these devices, and resolve bugs. All this is done without requiring the physical presence of the hardware devices.

Remote support software can be used as a standalone solution or in conjunction with the Remote Monitoring and Management tool. The latter extends the software functionality and allows businesses to streamline their regular IT operations smoothly within a single centralized unit.

In this post, we have discussed the 10 popular remote support software you can use in 2024 for enhanced productivity and easier IT management. Let’s take a look.

1. TeamViewer


For advanced remote control, you should try TeamViewer. It integrates with all remote desktop management solutions seamlessly and gives you a consolidated view of all assets and functions on remote devices.

Now, the on-site presence is no longer required with TeamViewer. It works on Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and all devices, making it an ideal remote management solution for businesses of all types and sizes. More than 2.5 billion devices are currently connected to TeamViewer, and this number keeps increasing.

2. ManageEngine


ManageEngine is a remote monitoring and management software for IT help desks. It helps bring all tickets, bugs, features, assets, and other components of remote devices on a single unit.

It features an automated asset discovery and management tool that scans all assets automatically. The solution tracks these assets for possible bugs and resolves them without manual intervention.

It’s an ideal asset and IT management tool for IT managers and businesses operating remotely. ManageEngine is an SSL-secured tool that offers a flexible pricing policy and a clean, intuitive dashboard.

3. SysAid


Giving remote assistance to your employees working at home or in different time zones is no longer a challenge. With SysAid’s built-in remote management capabilities, you can offer remote IT support to each worker, including those working from international countries.

Its no-configuration policy and varying modes of communication enable help desks to get a clear view of all devices connected to the network from one place. You can view resolved and unresolved tickets, recent requests, outdated software, etc.

4. ServiceNow


IT help desks receive tickets from different channels, including emails and phone calls. To ensure that each issue is addressed and converted into a ticket, you need an ITSM solution that operates globally. ServiceNow is a reliable and secure IT management solution for businesses working remotely.

It automates most of your IT functions, like assigning tickets to the agents, escalating them automatically, and tracking the progress. The software operates remotely, meaning it scans all remote devices connected to your network.

5. ConnectWise


From managing remote systems to discovering potential bugs on the devices connected to your router, ConnectWise is an all-in-one platform for remote monitoring. It can connect with multiple devices, offering seamless support, and excellent security.

It’s perfect for business owners and IT service desks that need a centralized unit to manage remote devices connected to your business network. Whether you need to repair devices or patch vulnerabilities, ConnectWise can help streamline all your IT operations.

6. RemotePC


As the name implies, RemoteDesktop is another remote management solution that enables users, IT specialists, and business owners to access PCs remotely.

There’s no web installation required, nor do you need to configure any complex settings. It’s the best option for small businesses and large enterprises. IT help desk providers can also use RemoteDesktop with other ticket management solutions to automate IT services.

7. AnyDesk


If you are looking for a flexible and scalable remote monitoring tool, AnyDesk is your best bet. Founded in Germany, this remote monitoring tool has acquired over 100,000 customers worldwide and has more than 500 million downloads.

Businesses that are looking for a scalable solution to achieve their expansion goals should consider downloading AnyDesk. It’s a comprehensive tool that streamlines technical tasks for your help desk. A few factors that make AnyDesk the best in the market are its scalability, flexible operations, ease of use, and excellent integration.

8. JumpCloud


An IT admin can’t always be present on-site. Even if you are working with a local IT expert, they can’t be present in your workplace for 24 hours. That’s where remote monitoring tools, like JumpCloud, come into the picture. It’s an automated remote management solution for IT managers and MSPs that need secure and quick access to all devices.

Over 180,000 companies are connected to JumpCloud and the software has 5,000+ paying customers, making it the best tool for advanced IT management. From handling tickets to basic customer queries, JumpCloud can streamline all technical functions effortlessly.

9. Zoho Assist

zoho assist

Zoho Assist delivers an excellent user experience by offering advanced remote monitoring and management functionalities and seamless integration options. Establish a secure cloud-based connection with all devices operating remotely.

This allows your IT teams to handle tickets, view software applications, and manage all functions for remote devices from a single system. It has built-in communication tools that allow your teams to collaborate with the IT departments and raise their concerns without requiring in-person assistance.

10. Splashtop


Do you have a team working from home or employees that work in the office for a few days and at home on weekends? For hybrid and remote settings, Splashtop comes in handy. It’s a robust and scalable IT management solution, packed with remote management functions.

Most IT admins choose Splashtop because of its flexible features, scalability, and easy-to-use interface. You can integrate it with Jira to enjoy all ticket management and automation functionalities.

Bottom Line

These were the top 10 remote support software for IT administrators, small businesses, and large-scale corporations that need workplace automation. The system supports all remote devices connected to your company’s network. Now, you can streamline your business tasks seamlessly and perform all technical operations from a single system.

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