How To Use Customer Feedback To Improve Your Tech Support

Customer Feedback

Are you proactive when it comes to gathering customer feedback?

Smart managers are.

Customer feedback is the key to improving tech support—or any other service.

More importantly, it’s the key to creating epic customer experiences.

Every year businesses spend millions gathering feedback.

And yet most of these companies don’t do anything with it.

Take a look at statistics from a Gartner survey:

  • 95% of companies surveyed collected customer feedback
  • 10% used the feedback to improve customer service
  • 5% tell customers what they’re doing in response to feedback

Customer feedback is too valuable to squander.

Surviving In A Tough Economy

In today’s tough economy providing improved customer service isn’t enough. You must provide epic customer experiences if you want to grow your business.

How do you use customerfeedback to create epic customer services?

Here are two simple but effective ways of doing it:

1. Determine What’s Important To Customers

Savvy managers use feedback to determine what’s important to customers.

Surveys—either over the phone or by e-mail—are a great way to do this.

You can have customers rate your service or an aspect of your service—like your help desk or your call agents.

Surveys are flexible marketing tools. Use them to your advantage.

A second method is to use statistics to infer what’s important to customers.

You can ask them about things like tech support’s performance in key areas. Or, you can ask them about service attributes.

Then use statistical analysis to calculate the relationship between the attribute and the outcome.

While this method is more involved, adding an extra level of rigor often pays off.

2. Act On It Promptly

Once you’ve to collect customer feedback, act on it promptly.

Often managers are so busy they push feedback aside. Customer feedback is too critical to let lie fallow.

You must do something with it.

Here’s a formula for using customer feedback: Collect it. Classify it. Assign it. Then follow up on it.

Doing so fosters action among your people, encourages them to collaborate, and puts them all on the same page.

How often does that happen?

One Caveat

You must be careful with some customer feedback, though.

If one customer complains about your service that’s one thing. If scores of customers complain about it, that’s a different ball game.

In short, make sure the data justifies making a change. If it does, go for it.

In addition, you must let customers know what changes you’ve made and why. It’s called being transparent and responsive. And that’s important.

When customers provide feedback they expect you to do something with it. They want to know whether or not they’ve been heard.

When you’re transparent you show them you’ve hard them and you really care.

More important, you show them you’re serious about improving services. Next time you ask for feedback, they’ll be more inclined to give it to you.

Plus, you’re engaging customers. And that’s never a bad thing


Savvy managers are into customer feedback.

Why—because customer feedback is critical to creating epic customer experiences. And that’s the key to keeping customers loyal AND to boosting revenues.

So be proactive about customer feedback.

Collect it. Classify it. Act on it. Then tell your customers what you’ve done—and why.

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