What Are The 7 Key Benefits Of Office 365?

benefits of office 365

The hybrid work environment requires efficiency across all departments in an organization. With a portion of your workforce working remotely and the rest working from the office, managing your human resources gets pretty overwhelming.

Remote work may have brought the convenience of working at flexible times. However, according to the Microsoft Word Trend Index, 60% of remote employees said they felt less involved in the business after this hybrid shift.

Businesses need a tool that can streamline their workflows while allowing seamless collaboration between different departments. A tool that connects the IT teams to the human resource management and the HR to the accountants.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s all-in-one, cloud-based platform that improves business efficiency and boosts employee productivity. It consists of Word, Excel, Team, SharePoint, and other tools that make your employees’ lives easier.

Benefits of Office 365

1. Access Documents Anytime and Anywhere

Microsoft’s Office 365 stores all files and documents on the cloud. This encourages your remote teams to access important files from any place and at any time. All they need is their smartphone and a stable internet connection.

These tools come in handy for businesses that operate completely remotely or have a vast majority of the employees working from home. Office 365 creates a digital workspace that promotes excellent connectivity between your employees, regardless of where they are and what device they use.

Even if all your employees work from the office, Office 365 can help them access the required files and folders without running back and forth between different departments. It also allows you to work beyond office hours.

2. Scalable Solution

Every business needs a scalable and flexible tool that can grow with its organization. A solution that continues to offer all the perks even when you have implemented a major change in your workflow. Office 365 is just that.

Microsoft has made a flexible office suite that you can customize to your business needs. You can mix and match multiple business apps to develop a solution that fits your business size. Microsoft offers a subscription-based model, which enables businesses to add and remove people whenever they like.

You can end the license of an employee when they quit work and stop paying for their Office 365 account. Likewise, when you have a new employee, you can add their account. All this is done without changing the business ecosystem. Simply put, you don’t have to make a permanent commitment to each employee’s license.

3. Seamless Collaboration

Your employees’ productivity suffers when there’s poor collaboration. This is common for businesses that have employed permanent employees, gig workers, part-time contractors, and an Outsourced service desk.

When your team isn’t working from the same location (or worse, they work in different time zones), they might experience delays and poor workflow.

You need tools that facilitate streamlined collaboration among all employees. Your employees must be able to view, edit, and publish the documents remotely and in real time.

Microsoft’s Office 365 has collaboration features designed keeping the remote employees in mind. The suite has Microsoft Teams—the best collaboration tool for employees. You can conduct video and audio conferences using Microsoft Teams for meetings.

4. Clear Communication

Buffer’s report on State of Remote Work shows that 17% of employees agreed that communication is the biggest challenge for remote employees. Effective communication can mean a difference between happy, productive employees and unsatisfied employees.

Using Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and SharePoint, you can communicate with people based in any part of the world. Teams support an instant collaboration feature that enable your teams to upload documents, leave messages, and interact live. This promotes uninterrupted cross-departmental communication.

There’s a “news feed” where you can post a message that’s instantly delivered to the entire team with an email alert, ensuring that no one misses an important work update.

5. Secure Cloud Storage

Microsoft Office 365 has robust security tools that offer you a safe environment to collaborate with teams and share your sensitive data. It facilitates two-factor authentication, which gives you an assurance that only authorized users can access the office suite.

The anti-malware protection and threat detection protocols take your company’s security up a notch. You get peace of mind knowing that any security threats, if identified, will be dropped immediately. Microsoft Office 365 is the safest business tool for those dealing with confidential data.

6. Customized Email Benefits

Outlook 365 syncs your calendars, emails, and contact information. No matter which device you use to log into your Microsoft Office account, you will find the most up-to-date versions of Outlook365.

Use customized templates for emails and store as many of them as you want. The 100GB of storage space is adequate to save your emails. You can create emails with your domain name or images relevant to your brand.

Admin can create new emails, delete the existing ones, and restore the deleted emails in one click. The above-mentioned threat-detection program protects your employees from phishing attempts and spam emails.

7. Business Intelligence

A business needs an intelligent software system that provides insights into the employees’ performance and your overall business performance. The business apps that your employees use every day can also help you gather data that shows the areas you can improve.

Microsoft Office 365 has a simple and neat dashboard that presents analytics in easy-to-read format. Microsoft has integrated AI-powered tools in the presentation apps. These will give you suggestions for the best designs, images, and layout for your project presentations.

This saves you the countless hours of selecting a perfect format for presentation, the design and the layout specially.

Bottom Line

The range of apps and services offered by Microsoft office 365 are sufficient for all sizes and types of businesses. The company also offers 24/7 access to their support—both online and over call. The software upgrades automatically (whenever the compant launches a new update). Moreover, its out-of-the-box collaboration and communication tools bring efficiency in your workflow. If you have remote and in-house teams, get Office 365 right away.

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