What Is ServiceNow Used For?

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The IT industry is constantly on the lookout for modern tools to optimize business workflow. Although traditional practices are still in use, they can’t automate IT operations.

To streamline routine business operations and reduce manual workload, companies are turning to IT help desk companies to handle their technical issues efficiently. They are implementing automation and IT management tools like ServiceNow to ensure a smoother transition to the digital workflow.

According to an NTT Data Company, over 94% of Enterprise businesses have implemented ServiceNow for IT operations.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based SaaS company that offers a broad range of tools and modules to optimize your business workflows. The solution is compatible with most legacy systems and can be integrated with your on-premises systems to deliver an excellent end-user experience.

Keep reading to learn how ServiceNow uses AI and machine learning to improve your organizational efficiency.

6 Uses of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a scalable system that can be customized to fit your operational requirements. This makes ServiceNow compatible with all types and sizes of businesses. Here are the seven popular uses of ServiceNow.

1. Automated Applications

ServiceNow has emerged as the most powerful and efficient tool for automation. The solution can manage your internal and external business workflows, optimizing your IT and other business operations.

ServiceNow’s Now platform transforms your manual processes into digitized workflows. Digitization promotes collaboration across different departments and offers proper visibility into your business processes.

Reducing manual intervention won’t only reduce human errors, but it will allow your team to focus on the customers, management, and other core areas of your business instead of looking into the small technical errors.

2. Security Operations

Do you know more than 95% of cybersecurity issues occur due to human errors? Any business, irrespective of size, can be the target of cybercriminals. As more and more businesses are moving their routine operations to the cloud, hackers are finding new opportunities to access private networks.

The increasing security concerns have led to the increased adoption of security management solutions like ServiceNow. It’s a feature-packed security response engine that quickly visualizes and manages incidents in your organization.

The solution features a role-based dashboard allowing managers to give users authorization based on their individual roles. Each management operation is aligned with the IT department. This enables your IT help desk to detect potential threats across all areas of operations before they cause any disruption to your workflow.

ServiceNow has a Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) system that covers all processes within your organization, reducing the risk of security breaches and improving overall business efficiency.

3. Manage Your Hardware and Software

ITAM or IT Asset Management features tools that manage your company’s IT assets throughout their lifecycle. The module covers your software, hardware, and cloud-based solutions, all within a single, centralized unit.

ServiceNow ensures your company’s assets are implemented, managed, upgraded, and disposed of as and when required. This module facilitates a smooth function of your organizational assets—tangible and intangible—until they are disposed of.

IT asset management extends the lifecycle of your assets, minimizes their operational cost, and improves their efficiency. It saves you from buying unnecessary hardware or software licenses.

It also reduces the chaos of handling different assets on various platforms. With ServiceNow IT asset management, all your software licenses, hardware, and cloud-based apps can be managed in one place. Overall, ServiceNow’s IT asset management enables productivity and easier management of your assets.

4. Improved Customer Service

Better customer service leads to satisfied customers. To help improve your customer service, ServiceNow offers a CSM (customer service management) portal. It connects your IT team to the tools that ensure efficient service delivery to the end user.

The tool has a service mapping solution that identifies the potential issues before they crop up and affect your workflow. This proactive approach minimizes the losses due to security threats and other technical issues. As a result, issues are resolved faster, and your end users get a seamless, uninterrupted network.

ServiceNow’s self-service portal allows your customers to find answers to regular queries without contacting the support agent. It provides an end-to-end customer management solution, resulting in a better customer experience.

5. HR Service Delivery

ServiceNow’s HR Service Delivery is a module that streamlines various human resource management services on a single platform. The system can integrate with your existing HR software solutions to offer self-service and a unified experience to your workers—remote employees and in-house team.

The module connects your in-house HR teams, gig employees, and regular workers. By optimizing the HR workflow, the ServiceNow module leads to better productivity, which in turn, requires a small HR team for manual work.

The HR service delivery module boosts employee productivity, as your employees no longer need to check multiple systems to find answers to their general queries or have their issues resolved. It’s also useful for gig workers (remote employees) that need to stay in touch with the management to perform their routine operations.

6. A Robust IT Service Management Solution

ITSM is an all-inclusive solution that encompasses a wide range of IT operations in a single portal. This module helps you track configuration management, continual improvement, talent management, request management, etc.

It enables your staff to drop a request for new hardware, software license renewal, and other services. The easy-to-use ticketing system makes it easier for your staff and IT help desks to manage tickets, resolve queries based on their impact on business, and cater to your employee’s concerns.

It also involves change management, which allows your team to implement a change after understanding its impact on different areas of your business. Change implementation and management is a more consistent and smoother process with ServiceNow’s ITSM.

Bottom Line

ServiceNow is for businesses, employees, and IT help desk companies looking for a software solution to automate their business operations. Although it’s primarily designed for handling IT operations, ServiceNow is an all-in-one system that can manage your HR, customers, employees, and nearly all management processes in a centralized system. You can also use the system for executing service-level projects.

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