Why Do We Need ManageEngine?

Why Do We Need ManageEngine

Managing all your assets—hardware and software—in one place is the primary objective of every company. You need a smart and automated software solution that allows you to monitor your network, assets, human resources, clients, and all management operations on a centralized unit.

ManageEngine serves as a robust solution that manages your on-premises and cloud-based workflow efficiently. Most IT help desk service providers use ManageEngine to make their agents’ lives easier while providing top-notch service to the end user.

It’s an ITSM application that provides better visibility into all your organizational assets, resolves technical issues proactively, and allows agents greater control of their assets. This multi-featured, all-in-one IT management solution is your one-stop platform for all technical operations.

Here’s why every organization, irrespective of size, must consider ManageEngine for its help desk operations.

1. Smart Automation

ManageEngine automates all processes, from ticket creation to its closure. The solution converts user queries raised from emails, live chats, and other channels into tickets. These tickets are then assigned to an IT help desk agent based on their availability and specialization.

You can set the priority status of these tickets after evaluating their impact on the organization. The entire process, including ticket creation, assignment, and categorization, can be automated with ManageEngine.

The tool is engineered to provide a hands-free help desk to IT companies, allowing the agents to focus on more critical tasks, like troubleshooting. The software improves the turnaround time, offering quick solutions to all technical issues.

2. Achieve Client Satisfaction

Businesses trust IT help desk companies with their IT infrastructure. They know help desks are equipped with robust solutions that streamline IT management and offer advanced security.

ManageEngine is one such IT management solution that simplifies most help desk operations. Its smart chatbots keep your users informed about their ticket status. They offer a customized welcome to users and handle their queries when the help desk support is temporarily unavailable.

Sending automated notifications, improving your ticket resolution rate, and creating a detailed SLA that clarifies your support services will help you achieve user satisfaction.

3. Keep Users Informed

In addition to the ticket auto-assign feature, ManageEngine is known for automated notifications.

No need to send email notifications to individual stakeholders. The user is informed about the ticket status throughout the lifecycle of the ticket. Not just to the user, but these automated alerts keep your agents up-to-date with the ticket status.

For instance, the agent gets a notification for a new ticket as soon as it’s issued and assigned to them. Likewise, an automated alert is sent to the user once their ticket is resolved.

4. Self-Service Portal

The self-service portal of ManageEngine provides useful articles, guides, suggestions, and forums to your users. This helps them resolve small technical glitches without assistance.

ManageEngine can be integrated with Active Directory, allowing users to reset passwords, add and remove accounts, update their personal details, and grant access permission to internal members based on their role.

Not only does it boost employees’ confidence, but it spares your agents from the same repetitive requests. They can invest their time in complex activities, like data analysis and reports.

5. Ensure a Smooth Ticket Escalation Process

Businesses no longer outsource IT help desk to a company that takes days to resolve a simple issue or fulfill their software/hardware request. With up to four levels of escalation, ManageEngine improves the ticket resolution rate.

If the agent is unable to resolve a ticket because of its complexity, they can escalate it to the top-tier managers.

The user is informed about the ticket escalation through automatic notifications. The advanced and streamlined escalation process ensures that all tickets get attention and are resolved in a timely fashion.

6. Seamless Integration

Data integration is one of the biggest barriers to success for IT companies. The lack of application integration across technologies makes it difficult to generate insightful reports. It also leads to repetitive tasks and delayed service delivery.

ManageEngine supports seamless integration across different departments, including payroll, HR, legal services, management, and cybersecurity. This provides a clear and consolidated view of all business operations, IT and non-IT, on a single screen.

7. Track All Assets in One Platform

You don’t want users to be the first ones to notice a technical problem in their network or hardware systems. ManageEngine helps you track all assets in one place and configure automatic downloads and upgrades for software applications.

The solution provides information about the software license, running status, past issues, and usage. The automated asset discovery finds all software applications connected to the organization’s network, facilitating advanced troubleshooting.

This also enables your IT agents to provide proactive security services. They can discover and resolve issues before it affects your client’s workflow.

8. Improve Your Help Desk with User Surveys

ManageEngine has a built-in user satisfaction survey tool that collects user surveys after you resolve individual concerns. The surveys are conducted periodically or regularly (depending on your configuration).

Your users can rate your services and send feedback, which helps you identify the areas you need to improve. It also shows your agents’ performance.

Although the system has its own survey tool, you can integrate third-party survey applications to generate custom forms and collect accurate feedback from each client.

9. Excellent Reporting and Analytics Strategy

Data-driven businesses need a robust reporting and analytics strategy to make informed decisions and improve efficiency across all departments. IT companies are no exception.

ManageEngine’s data and reporting tools give you better visibility into your business performance, financial status, client satisfaction, and other metrics. Collecting real-time data and organizing it is no longer a challenge now.

Use these automated reports to identify the cause of repetitive problems, check your business’ health, and optimize service desk operations.

Bottom Line

ManageEngine is a robust ITSM solution offering excellent integration capabilities and automation. It makes IT and non-IT operations easier to discover, analyze, and resolve. The solution enables IT service desk providers to develop a proactive approach to handling clients’ technical issues.

So, are you planning to optimize your workflow and improve user satisfaction? This IT management solution will help you achieve your long-term corporate goals.

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