Why Is ServiceNow So Popular?

why servicenow is best

ServiceNow is a cloud-based IT support platform that sustains ITIL service policies and provides ITSM, ITOM, and ITBM. It eases the work for businesses by illustrating, forming, organizing, and automating processes and services while dividing them into concise business functions. The platform has brought a unique delivery prospect in outsourcing service desk companies.

ServiceNow focuses on cloud-based systems and guides portfolio management. It enables users to conduct different services and functions like managing priority jobs and issues, exercising project management, problem management, and supporting customers.

In the current age, ServiceNow is a well-developed platform for automating workflow and managing business services. It possesses a distinctive proficiency in incorporating various tools and procedures such as ITSM, CRM, HRIS, FSM, VMware, etc. It also has remarkable flexibility to integrate and customize with proper functionality and reliability.

Servicenow has gained immense popularity due to its prospect in solving and managing IT issues. Developed as a SAAS, ServiceNow supports small, medium, and large businesses to function efficiently & effectively, ensuring greater productivity. It also allocates a service-orientated system to track actions, jobs, and procedures that improve everyday work life.

A stable platform, in-built tools, and design make ServiceNow unique and efficient. In this platform, you can operate following the directions, create the forms and finalize the jobs quickly. Moreover, you can leave your existing infrastructure and databases as it is.

This platform brings numerous services managing modules supported by multiple programs and customization. It makes your work more effortless and time-saving. This post discusses what makes ServiceNow so popular. So, let’s go through the reason in brief.

What are the Services Provided by ServiceNow?

ServiceNow offers numerous services and management tools for different industries like manufacturing, telecommunication, healthcare, service providers, retail, etc. In the current age, it serves more than an ITSM tool.

ServiceNow has evolved into a complete cloud-based method and expanded itself in multiple other areas. It has leveraged machine learning, AI, neural net processors (NLP), the Internet of things (IoT), etc to create the best service functionality.

The most useful forte about this platform is its easy implementation process. It takes less time and effort in configuration to set the enterprise up for operation. Further, businesses need not worry about infrastructure, security, databases, network, etc. ServiceNow takes care of all these areas. It implies you can instantly be in production and start recognizing problems to immediately fix them.

ServiceNow process includes a pre-built annual learning forum. The main feature of this forum is to store knowledge base articles. Both users and managers can produce content to provide an effortless experience for future users.

Why is ServiceNow So Popular for Businesses?

ServiceNow is an exhaustive IT support platform, and it can manage every issue as a Service. The best part of this platform is its completely controlled workflow.

It provides diverse supporting assets and allows businesses to determine the benefits of service desk outsourcing. Further, it helps IT service providers to deliver an outstanding service experience assuring fast service availability while analyzing vital service metrics.

The best things that make ServiceNow unique are:

  • Excellent delivery of functionalities and management
  • Effective communication
  • Satisfactory customer relations
  • Partnership and assets sharing
  • Efficient testing
  • Safety and quality assurance

Here are the features that make ServiceNow so popular platform.

1. It is Platform-As-A-Service (PAAS)

ServiceNow offers several applications under one platform. So, you need not make integrations between different ServiceNow applications as they get connected during installation. Further, you can install more applications according to business needs using the Plugins.

ServiceNow brings a set of modules, namely Incident Management, Change Management, Problem Management, and Knowledge Management. All these modules come under the same platform and get integrated after the installation. This process saves time and costs as you need not integrate them.

2. It is Cloud-Based

On-premise applications are more vulnerable to security threats and are difficult to maintain. This is why businesses prefer the cloud-based platform of ServiceNow. Further, the installation of on-premise applications is a time-consuming process. So, you will fall short of time in actual business development.

In the cloud, you can bypass all the installation and integration parts of software implementation which can save a significant amount of time and cost. Moreover, there is less reliability in implementing software in a customer domain as you will need to incorporate many changes in the infrastructure.

ServiceNow platform is safe with an enhanced and secured firewall framework. It also helps in load balancing and promptly detects security threats. For more information, you can read What is cloud computing?

3. It Provides Appropriate Reports, Filters, and Dashboards

ServiceNow users enjoy immense power corresponding to other systems. Here users, along with admins can customize their checklists, filters, records, data, and dashboards. In other platforms, users get limited freedom as the software doesn’t include such a design and it requires a vast task to enable the facility.

ServiceNow users can build their reports. In most other platforms, this facility is not available. Though there are limits in a data export, list, timeouts, etc., the platform offers free and open data transfer for you.

4. It Provides Easy Upgrades

System upgrade is a complex and difficult process on most platforms. Here, ServiceNow makes the difference with effortless upgrades. You don’t have to depend on your vendor’s support for upgrading the system. Further, in other platforms, it takes a long struggle to ensure a successful upgrade.

ServiceNow release cycle has a flexible structure that offers extreme stability and quality. It provides the ground to manage issues promptly while delivering new features. You only plan the upgrade, and the system will complete the process. Once finished, you can check the upgrade history to confirm if it is correct or if you need further changes.


ServiceNow is an IT support platform providing, Software as a service (Saas) & IT Service various Management (ITSM) application. It is an excellent platform for IT service-providing companies and other businesses for delivering prompt and quality functionalities and management. A set of in-built applications make this platform popular among businesses to manage day-to-day operations easily and effortlessly.

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