Why Is Palo Alto The Best Firewall?

palo alto firewall

The growing number of cybercrimes requires a robust network security program. No matter the size and nature of your organization, every network needs a firewall protection solution to protect businesses’ tangible and digital assets.

Palo Alto has gained immense popularity in the cybersecurity industry. The company has launched the next-gen firewall program powered by Artificial Intelligence. With Palo Alto firewalls integrated into your network, you can rest easy knowing that your confidential data and the network is safe from malicious attacks.

The company claims to detect and prevent over 40% more DNS attacks than other firewall providers. The solution uses the power of machine learning to detect all kinds of threats, including the ones that have never occurred. The best part is they conduct the entire threat detection and prevention process without affecting your network performance.

Keep reading to learn more about Palo Alto Firewall and why it’s a better and more effective network protection tool than other firewall programs.

Palo Alto Explained

Like other firewall programs, Palo Alto provides a comprehensive network protection package that covers malware prevention, early threat detection, and thorough traffic analysis. The difference, however, is that Palo Alto doesn’t follow the standard protocol and policies.

It’s an AI-powered tool that uses deep learning to filter out the bad traffic from your network and provide a customized view of applications, their usage, and risks.

Before you can run a new application or give access to an unrecognized website, it has to pass through the next-gen firewall. As mentioned above, Palo Alto scans the application and its content to determine its safety.

Sometimes, the SSL-encrypted sites or those that appear safe are infected with malicious codes that can give hackers quick access to your confidential data. Since traditional firewalls have limited capacity and are only engineered to detect threats based on the pre-configured protocols, hackers can slip through.

Palo Alto minimizes your risk by implementing advanced security protocols. It identifies every element that passes through your network or requests access.

6 Reasons Why Palo Alto Firewall is the Best

Palo Alto is designed to offer safe access to websites and applications, ensuring that your digital assets are accessible only to authorized users. Easy implementation and comprehensive coverage ensure that all devices (connected to your network) are secured. This includes on-premise software, hardware, and cloud-based services.

Here’s why Palo Alto is better than Fortinet, SonicWall, and all firewall protection programs.

1. Detailed Information About Applications

Most traditional firewall programs detect threats after evaluating port numbers, IP addresses, and certain protocols. While those are important, they don’t give you the necessary information about the application. Besides, they can barely tell how secure the application is and whether it’s safe to give it access to your data.

Palo Firewall is different in that it extracts details of the application before giving it access. This feature-packed security tool uses its robust reporting tools and analytics to identify risks.

2. A Clear View of Threats, Patterns, and Your Network

Keeping your employees up-to-date with the latest threat patterns is key to enhancing security across all departments. Palo Alto helps you achieve this goal by presenting a clear view of applications running on your network, potential threats, URLs, and content.

Using the Application Command Center (ACC), you can monitor all activities going on within your organization. A single click will give you details of the type of application and how safe it is. Here’s what you get from Palo Alto’s ACC:

  • The details of the application
  • Any potential threat
  • Who’s using the application, and for what purposes

In addition, the details of the source and destination address of the traffic give you a better idea of whether the particular application should be analyzed, blocked, or granted access.

3. Malware Prevention

Palo Alto offers threat detection and prevention, creating an extra layer of security for your network. The company offers WildFire, a malware protection tool that can be integrated into your on-premises and cloud-based services.

The WildFire integration takes your enterprise’s security up a notch by checking the application for never-seen-before threats. It blocks sites that pose any kind of security threat to the organization.

4. Prevent DNS Attacks

The complex nature of the DNS attacks makes most of them go unnoticed by the firewall. That’s how attackers are able to bypass even the toughest protection service.

Palo Alto is one of the few firewall programs that protect your network from DNS attacks. It simplifies your IT help desk’s job by identifying and neutralizing DNS threats. From filtering domains to blocking malicious sites, Palo Alto eliminates all threats seamlessly.

5. Get Customized Reporting

Palo Alto Panorama records historical and current data threats in a single centralized system. It gives you a consolidated view of your managed firewalls, the latest upgrades, threats, and other user activities on one screen.

You can also configure the tool to generate reports automatically every week or month. These are then exported to your spreadsheet or sent to your email. Managing a wide array of security services on a centralized unit makes the job of your IT team easier.

This security monitoring service scales with your business and offers streamlined configuration. Now you can create customized reports of insightful data, including blocked networks, recent threats, and network activity.

6. It Doesn’t Slow Down Your Network

All next-gen firewall programs are designed to offer ultimate protection without degrading the network performance.

If your current firewall program slows down your network, you should consider an upgrade. With Palo Alto, you can ensure excellent security with good speed. The best part is this firewall program has a flexible system that can be re-configured to adapt to the new firewall regulations.

Bottom Line

Palo Alto firewall streamlines security for your business and offers an automated network protection service. It detects a malware, spyware, viruses, and all kinds of threats. The protection tool offers security benefits to all devices connected to your network, including the remote workforce.

Use its Panorama dashboard to get customized reports of previous threats and current applications while the integrated WildFire detects and blocks all malicious activities.

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