10 Questions To Ask Before Contracting Tech Support

contracting tech support

For some companies contracting tech support services isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. Contracting provides benefits these companies just can’t pass up — lower cost, increased efficiency and productivity, better customer experiences. Better yet, it provides the competitive advantage they need, not just to survive but also to thrive. But to gain this advantage, you’ll need to distinguish between various technical support vendors to find a long-term partner. To do that, you’ll need to ask prospective partners the right questions. This will help you delve deep into a vendor’s capabilities & if the vendor is the right partner for you. That’s critical!

You Should Ask 10 Questions Before Contracting Tech Support To Any Vendor.

1. How Will You Work With Us?

Finding out how the vendor works with other clients while contracting tech support is a must. Will they assign one person to your account or a team? If it’s a team find out who will handle day-to-day operations. Ask if you can meet everyone who will work on the account.

2. Do You Have Quality Standards That You Follow?

Ask about the vendor’s quality standards. Do they measure up to yours? Does it have ISO 9000 and CMM certificates? Those ensure quality.

3. Will My Data Be Safe? Will It Be Confidential?

Ask about security at all levels—not just one or two. What measures does it take to provide network, personnel, site, and data security? Find out what measures it takes to secure data through email, file, and folder encryption. When contacting tech support, data security is of paramount importance.

4. If I’m Contracting Tech Support To You, How Will You Help Me Boost ROI?

Some vendors deploy a set-it-and-forget-it approach to providing service. But you’ll want a vendor that goes all out. Find out what the vendor does to help you achieve ROI. Yes, support service is a cost center but there can still be an RoI when contracting tech support which can be measured with appropriate KPIs.

5. How Will You Adapt To Our Needs Over Time?

Ask about how the vendor will help you stay current. Can it ensure that you’ve will have the right solutions in place so that your needs are always met—regardless of changes in technology?

6. Why Are You Better? Why Should We Choose You?

Do be hesitant to ask prospective provides: “Why you.” Ask the vendor what makes it better, faster, smarter than its competitors. If the vendor stumbles on this question, look elsewhere.

7. Do You Follow Statuary Regulations And Laws?

You really want to do your homework here. Make sure the provider follows all compliances, laws, and regulations. You can be held liable for violations. Check all the required documents. Ask the vendor to show you proof that laws are being followed.

8. What Is Your Reliability Like?

Ask about critical details like how long the vendor’s been in business, its financial status, and its experience in your industry. Increases in the number of employees can give you an idea of the vendor’s dependability.

9. How Transparent Are You In Financial Matters?

Do a thorough background check on the vendor first. Then ask about transparency. Tell them you expect complete transparency and that the financial dealings be fair. Otherwise, you’ll cancel the contract.

10. How Are Your Services Priced?

Find out exactly what you’re buying before choosing a partner. Ask about hidden costs and about call center pricing changes as you scale up and down over time. Will you get price breaks or waived fees if the vendor misses a service level commitment?

Bonus: Do You Have A Migration Plan?

Find out if the vendor has a proven plan for migrating data and operations from you to it. Ask for details on governance and methodology. Ask about how the vendor ensures a smooth transition.

Contracting tech support provides benefits that you may not be able to pass up. But to enjoy them, you need to work with the right tech support partner—a long-term solution. Asking the right questions will help you find that partner.

What other questions would you ask a prospective tech support vendor?

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