5 Software That Call Centers Use for Twitter Support

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Call Centers Use for Twitter Support: In today’s business landscape, the majority of companies are dedicated to enhancing their processes, delivering superior services, boosting customer satisfaction, and providing an exceptional customer experience. When it specifically pertains to customer service and support, response time plays a vital role. As an outsourced IT help desk provider, we understand the significance of swift response times in meeting customer expectations and ensuring their satisfaction. We strive to deliver prompt and efficient support, contributing to the overall success of your business. Customers today are looking for instant gratification, and they expect errors and concerns addressed rapidly and sufficiently across multiple channels. The evolution of help desk software today goes beyond features: Companies have realized that an angry customer may want to vent in public and, as a result, the developers are coming up with increasingly multichannel help desk software making flagging and responding to Facebook posts and Twitter mentions making them as relevant as fielding direct support phone calls or emails.

Twitter support is a double-edged sword. Customers now find it easier to communicate with brands and report issues with just a single tweet. However, one tweet can cause an avalanche of customer love or trigger a landslide of bad PR, meaning that businesses need to give customers a refreshing support experience on Twitter in real time. To make this happen, you need help desk software with integrated features to help keep a firm finger in the Twitter pie of your call center services and ensure you do not give your competitors a chance to take advantage of your slips.

With such a software businesses can keep track of the tweets, and interact with customers over Twitter from within it, without having to log in to the Twitter app.

Here are five helpdesk software with an inbuilt Twitter support feature:

Zendesk & Twitter Support

It is the leading cloud-based customer service software solution with over 40,000 companies such as Disney, Gilt Groupe, and Box, using Zendesk to increase customer satisfaction, lower their support costs, and raise productivity. Zendesk has a simple interface and is easy to implement and use.

Zendesk Twitter integration has the following features:

  • Converts tweets, faves, and DMs, into Zendesk tickets
  • You can monitor one or more Twitter accounts and convert tweets into tickets as required
  • All tweet activities between customer service agents and Twitter users are added as ticket comments

With minimal set-up, desk.com allows companies to field questions from not only email and phone calls but Twitter and Facebook as well. It is a Web-based, help desk software by Salesforce that combines multiple channels of support into one centralized location providing advanced reporting features that allow organizations to gain insights into their customers’ activity.

Desk.com Twitter integration allows companies to:

  • Monitor brand mentions
  • Convert direct messages and tweets into support
  • Interact with your team in resolving queries

Desk.com also features a reporting engine and offers one of the most eligible and attractive help desk analytics experiences available.

Deskero & Twitter Support

It is a cloud-based help desk software that offers simple yet effective tools to integrate requests coming from different channels. This solid software has important help desk features such as multi-channel support, social networking integration, knowledge base, integrated live chats, preferred client management, and canned answers. Deskero integrates social engagement; including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, into customer care with an innovative social monitor, allowing companies to track all the meaningful social integration involving their brands. Users can automate the importing of any social media interaction no matter where it is initiated.

Happyfox & Twitter Support

It is a web-based and cloud-based customer support software. Happyfox helps in tracking and managing all customer support requests across many channels such as social media, email, chats, and phone in a centralized ticket support system. Integration with other web applications like CRM, voice, live chat, and bug tracking applications makes Happyfox a practical help desk software. Happyfox’s seamless Twitter integration allows companies to:

  • Monitor brand mentions
  • Convert direct messages and tweets into support
  • Interact with your team in resolving queries
  • Track and manage customer inquiries from Twitter in a centralized social help desk
  • Improve support response time

Similarly, customer support queries can be handled using smart rules and canned actions to automate responses. Happyfox also features community forums to help where customers can connect.

Parature & Twitter Support

Parature is a cloud-based customer service platform with self-service capabilities, social customer service integration, and comprehensive reporting among other features for complete customer satisfaction. With a customizable dashboard, Parature allows you to provide customers and customer service agents with a branded experience and access to immediate support features that matter such as support tickets, chat, knowledge base, and more.

Features of Parature’s Twitter integration include:

  • Efficiently monitor tweets for a proactive response
  • Provides an open forum for customers to interact with an organization
  • Provides visibility into the volume and impact of Twitter support
  • Twitter Queue easily isolates tweets from other support traffic
  • Agents can directly view Twitter profiles from the Parature system allowing them to see other tweets and gauge disposition

Obtaining a help desk software with a Twitter integration will enable your organization to provide comprehensive support besides the traditional customer service channels. Respond to your customers’ inquiries instantly and stay engaged on the world’s most popular social media channel within an inbuilt Twitter feature.

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