6 Key Trends That Boost Employee Productivity & Engagement

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6 Key Trends That Boost Employee Productivity — Do you ask for input when making key decisions? Or do you make them alone? If you make them alone, you may be missing critical input. And that can lead you to make critical call center mistakes. The people most impacted by decisions can often provide powerful insights you can use to make a better, more productive decision.

According to a recent survey, 40% of the respondents feel managers consistently fail to ask for input from others when making decisions.

This finding may surprise you. But it’s only one of the findings uncovered by a recent survey on employee productivity and engagement.

Survey’s Key Findings

Fierce, Inc., a leadership development and training group, conducted the survey, which contacted 1,400 corporate executives from a wide variety of industries.

More than 65% of these respondents were managers, directors, and other C-level executives. The respondents also included presidents, owners, and partners in their companies.

The survey spotlighted organizational tendencies that enhanced or impeded workforce success. Below are the top 6 trends that impacted employee productivity and engagement:

  1. Diverse points of view improve the decision-making process.
  2. Cross-functional alignment is critical to program survival.
  3. Relationships are integral to employee productivity and engagement.
  4. People appreciate candor but do not see enough of it.
  5. The biggest challenge in leadership development and training is the lack of reinforcement.
  6. Success requires productive confrontation.

The last trend is key. If you’re like many managers of inbound call centers, you probably go out of your way to avoid confrontation.

But savvy managers use it as an opportunity to gain clarity. They also use it as a catalyst for increased engagement by employee productivity—but only if the manager takes the right steps.

Having Productive Confrontations

Few people enjoy having confrontations. That’s why most managers of inbound call centers avoid them. Who needs the stress and upset?

But having “productive confrontations” as one expert says can increase employee productivity and engagement. It can also strengthen relationships between co-workers.

The following 5 steps can help you create productive confrontations:

1. Seek Counsel From Others

Seek counsel on key decisions from those you know will be honest. They’ll provide an objective view of the situation and your view on it. Gaining a different perspective can help you build a cogent approach to the party you confronting.

2. Write It Down

Write down the key points you want to make. Make sure it’s easy to understand for the other person and it captures your viewpoint in a logical manner. Using concrete examples during your discussion helps gain respect.

3. Speak First, And Then Listen

Your actions during the meeting are crucial. State your intentions first. Then follow with what you hope will be the resolution.

Be direct and friendly by looking the other party in the eyes and speaking with a confident, polite tone. Once you’ve made your points, sit back and listen. Be a fully engaged listener.

4. Use Your Emotions Intelligently

Be as clinical as possible in talking with the other person. Even if you’re intimidated, angry, hurt, or resentful, consider the impact of what you decide on both parties. Try to focus on how both parties benefit.

5. Agree On A Resolution

Check to see how your message was received once the meeting is over. Then discuss what the next step(s) are for application and follow up. Document the agreement. It can serve as a roadmap to the future.

Once the meeting is over, express your appreciation to the other person—even if you disagree. Good leaders generally thank the person in person or follow the meeting with an email or note expressing their appreciation.

Not every conformation ends happily. But learning how to create productive confrontations can help strengthen relationships within an inbound call center.

More importantly, they can increase productivity and employee engagement.

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