Optimizing The Effectiveness Of Call Center Systems

Call Center Systems

If you manage an inbound call center, you face a big challenge. You need to boost your call center’s performance cost-effectively. Otherwise, customer satisfaction could fall below acceptable levels. And that could cost your company millions. But boosting call center performance isn’t easy. So how do you do it without blowing your annual budget? One way is by optimizing the effectiveness of the call center systems and applications. Managers that have done it have reaped the rewards.

Their secret: Implementing a cloud-based call center infrastructure.

It’s a solution that’s growing in popularity. It’s also a solution you need to consider if you haven’t already done so.

Like many technologies, it can impact FCR and that can boost call center performance and customer satisfaction.

Growth Of Infrastructure Marketplace

More and more inbound call centers are investing in cloud-based infrastructures. In fact, the marketplace grew over the five-year period from 2008 to 2012.

Consider these statistics. In 2008 2.2% of all call center seats were in the cloud. This number jumped to 2.7% in 2009 and then to 3.5% in 2010.

By the end of 2011, 5.9% percent of all call center seats were in the cloud. In 2013 this adoption rate increased to 7.3%—a jump that represented the largest gain in the market’s history.

Researchers expect the adoption rate to go to about 15.6% by 2016. Expect the growth of the adoption rate to pick up steam as vendors refine their solutions.

Call Center Systems – Cloud Is A Game-Changer

Cloud-based infrastructures technology isn’t just an alternative delivery model for call center systems and applications. It’s a game-changer. And it’s revitalizing a mature technology space.

It’s doing something else, too. It’s creating opportunities for vendors to enter and compete in this marketplace—many of whom provide solutions with unique technology.

Take New Voice Media. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, it develops multi-tenant cloud-based infrastructures targeted at supporting mid-sized (20-100 agents) and complex (100+) agents) call center environments.

Its ContactWorld software application is a multi-channel solution supporting voice, email, chat, and short message service (SMS) interactions. This solution uses a unique technology to personalize the customer journey through the call center.

ContactWorld’s core capabilities include an automatic call distributor (ACD), computer telephony integration (CTI), interactive voice response (IVR), basic customer relationship management (CRMLite), automatic callback, call recording, scripting, and real-time and historical reporting.

Altogether, about 80 vendors like New Voice exist—all with their own solutions to optimizing inbound call center systems and applications.

But not all of these solutions are created equal. Nor do they minimize call center costs equally well. So you need to do your homework when choosing an infrastructure solution.

Call Center Systems – Choosing A Solution Perfect For You

With so many solutions available, how do you choose one that’s right for you? Ideally, you want a solid solution that’s both dependable and reliable.

You also want a solution that’s secure, easy to implement, and well supported.

In addition, you want a solution that supports some key capabilities. These include things like:

· Multi-channel inbound, outbound (preview, progressive and predictive), blended, email, chat/instant messaging (IM), SMS, and, increasingly, social media interactions

  • Legacy time-division multiplexing (TDM) and session-initiation protocol (SIP)-based transactions
  • Standards-based connectors that enable integration with premise-based, cloud-based, home-grown, and third-party applications
  • Multi-tenant architecture instead of blades and virtualization to handle multiple clients
  • A service-oriented architecture (SOA) to facilitate integration and ongoing research and development (R&D).

Not every solution has these features. So do your homework.

Cloud-based infrastructures are here to stay. They’re a cost-effective way to optimize the effectiveness of your call center systems and applications.

That in turn can help boost customer satisfaction, revenues, and profits. But like many other call center solutions, you must find one that fits your needs and expectations.

So do your homework and choose wisely.

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