7 Little Known Ways To Build Teamwork For Inbound Call Centers

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Looking for proven ways to boost your inbound call centers productivity and performance?

That’s easy. Build a strong team at your call center.

The benefits of doing so are almost boundless. Building a strong agent team:

  • Improves morale
  • Increases innovation
  • Boosts flexibility
  • Increases efficiency
  • Improves resource utilization

More importantly, it increases job satisfaction. And that, in turn, creates happier, more productive agents that look forward to coming to work.

These kinds of agents provide exceptional customer service, boosting customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and corporate profits.

If you’re serious about optimizing your inbound call centers performance and productivity in 2015, work on building a strong team at your inbound call center.

7 Ways To Build Teamwork For Inbound Call Centers

1. Hire Managers With Team Building Skills

This can be challenging, but it’s essential. Hiring managers with good team-building skills is a key step in creating a productive inbound call center group. Good managers create good organizational relationships among team members, build strong bonds between agents, and update agents on changes.

2. Strengthen Lines Of Communication

Communication is key to building strong agent teams. In fact, some experts think it’s the most important factor in doing so. One way to strengthen the lines of communication is to have call center managers hold team meetings in which they discuss key customer issues, solve challenging problems, and support each other in overcoming daily challenges.

3. Delegate Responsibility To Agents At Your Call Centers

Delegate responsibility to capable call center agents. Just make sure you use proven workers that can handle the challenge of coaching others. These agents can assist others when key customer issues come up. Keep the door open also for using volunteer assistants in this capacity.

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4. Put Team Goals First

Among the most surefire ways of building strong teams is to put team goals first—not individual goals. Doing so encourages agents to think about what’s good for the group instead of what’s good for them personally. More importantly, it discourages agents from thinking about their individual workloads.

5. Create Openness And Candor

Creating an atmosphere of openness and candor helps build trust between team members and supervisors. By creating an atmosphere where agents feel they can be open and candid with each other, you’ll also help strengthen the lines of communication between teammates.

6. Create A Sense Of Purpose

Every team needs a sense of purpose (and direction). Otherwise, they’ll just flounder. Critical to creating a sense of purpose in teams is getting everyone on the team to understand and accept team-oriented goals.

Start by explaining why achieving these goals is important to the company. Team members need to understand why it’s critical to reach these goals. Committed to big picture goals, team members can then assist one another in achieving them.

7. Focus On Results—Not Processes

Strong teams focus on results—not processes. Their focus is on reaching team goals and completing activities designed to achieve them.

You should also assess progress toward achieving team goals periodically. This includes identifying barriers to achieving these goals and what you can do to overcome them quickly and efficiently.

These 7 tips on teamwork can help you build a healthy team at your inbound call center. In healthy teams, members get along with each other, trust each other, cooperate with each other, and get the work done.

Healthy teams have team members that feel good about each other and where they work. This in turn improves customer service increases customer satisfaction and builds strong customer loyalty. More importantly, it boosts profits.

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