Your Inbound Call Center Can’t Be Everywhere: And It’s OK


As a serious small business owner, you keep up with the latest trends. One new trend however has you worried. Omnichannel marketing is the new fad but you don’t know how your call center service company can be everywhere at once. Well take a deep breath and relax, because you can’t be everywhere at once, and it’s OK. It’s better if you’re not.

Not Realistic

If omnichannel marketing isn’t realistic, why are all of these articles being published in trade magazines and on the web? The ones that say you must bow to the whims of customers and offer your call center services on social media, via texting, on your website, and anywhere else consumers want? And why do these same articles say if you don’t adapt to this new kind of marketing you will fail?

These articles look at the age of the customer as an ideal of giving the customer everything he wants. This isn’t a sound business practice and can lead to spiraling costs without improving profits. Especially since some social sites come and go in the blink of an eye. Does anyone remember My Space?

Rough Transitions

Another absurd claim of omnichannel marketing is that you have to be able to add or remove customer service channels smoothly. Today you are going to offer customer service on Facebook. Tomorrow you will be offering it on Instagram and oh, by the way, your customers need to be able to receive the same level of customer service on Instagram and all the client’s information has to be instantly accessible.

These types of smooth transitions are impossible. The amount of time it takes to research a new marketing channel, figure out the technological logistics, and implement a new strategy doesn’t allow instantaneous changeovers. And if today’s popular social media site becomes yesterday’s news? Then you have to find the newest craze and be ready to jump again.

In addition, how do you determine what is popular for your customers? What metrics do you need to use and how long should you monitor these trends? Inbound call center companies can’t search for trends and jump at the drop of a hat. Moreover, those who try to end up with poor customer service and a ragged trail of marketing policies that don’t meet company goals.

Where’s The Software Support?

Moreover, finding software that will allow your call center to be this agile doesn’t exist. CRM software supports multi-channel customer service solutions, but they aren’t all-inclusive, nor do they allow you to escalate instantaneously. And if the social site is too new, the software company may not have created a call center solution for it yet.

Without software support, it is difficult to create an ideal customer experience on a new marketing channel and integrate it with all of your call center services. Inbound call center companies often offer sales, customer service, and technical support to their clients and these solutions need to blend with other company departments. Software solutions need to be available for businesses to receive a lucrative return on investment from multi-channel marketing.

Look Everywhere Before You Leap

The company should also have a plan in place before adding or removing a marketing channel from its strategy. The leap first and fix it later approach is not part of a sustainable business strategy. Moving to a new channel needs to be thought, planning, and support from all aspects of an organization.

And the reality is that your company won’t lose money because you don’t offer customer service options on every channel where you have customers. By focusing on the most popular channels and not trying to be wherever and ones that show long-term growth will increase your bottom line faster than by trying to bounce around from one Internet trend to the next.

Inbound call center companies should invest in multi-channel, anywhere – everywhere solutions for customer resource management. But omnichannel solutions aren’t viable. Focus on the channels that your company has had a record of accomplishment of success in order to offer the ultimate experience for your customers to ensure satisfaction.

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