75% Of Customers Leave A Company After Dealing With Unfriendly Customer Support

Unfriendly Customer Support

Customer Support is all about meeting customer expectations.

When you meet them, customers are happy.

When don’t, they’re not happy – and they’re not afraid to tell others about it.

Nearly 13% of unsatisfied customers tell more than 20 people about a bad experience with a business.

This can cost you big time.

Poor customer service costs businesses more than $338 billion annually according to a Global Genesys survey.

Single Most Important Factor

The most important factor influencing how customers perceive your service is how they interact with your call center.

Nearly 70% of all customer interactions are handled in call centers. Sometimes, it’s the only interaction a customer has with your business. So you must get it right.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What Customers Expect From Customer Support:

First Call Resolution Is Magical For Customer Support

All customers expect to have their problems resolved with one call. The call center industry benchmark standard for FCR is 68%. But more customer-oriented organizations shoot for a much higher percentage.

Meanwhile, the call center industry average is 1.4 calls to resolve an inquiry or problem. If your call center doesn’t, it could be costing you a lot of money. The average annual value of business lost through customer defections is $243 per customer.

Wait Times

Most people would think that the younger generation would have less patience with call centers. But as these numbers indicate, it’s the older generation:

  • Only 49% of 16–24-year-olds would wait 5–10 minutes before hanging up, compared to 67% of those aged 55+
  • 30% of the 16-24 year olds would wait 11–20 minutes, whereas only 9% of those aged 55+ would wait 11–20 minutes
  • 22% of those aged 55+ hang up within 5 minutes, compared to 8% of 16–24 year olds

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    Knowledgeable Staff

    Customers expect their questions to be answered when they call. They also expect agents to know their history. In fact, more than 60% percent of customers expect agents to know their client history based on previous interactions.

    Customer Courtesy

    Customers expect courtesy at all times. Over 75% percent of customers said they would leave a company if they were dealing with an unfriendly or impolite customer support agent. Meanwhile, 71% said they would leave a company if they encountered rigid policies, like inflexible returns and product warranties.

    Being Put On Hold Is Poor Customer Support

    No one likes to be put on hold after waiting to get through to a call center. If the hold time is 2 minutes or more, most customers will leave. If the customer is going to be on hold longer than 2 minutes, provide a way they can choose to be called back by an agent when their call is next in the queue from when they called.

    Customer Rage

    What causes a customer to become enraged when talking to an agent:

    • 60%—speaking with a rude customer service rep
    • 52%—speaking with an incompetent service rep
    • 44%—getting disconnected
    • 40%—explaining their issue more than once
    • 38%—being put on hold for too long

    Meeting customer expectations has its rewards, though—at least according to an infographic from a New York-based customer service consultancy. The infographic says that 66% percent of customers would spend more money with a company that provides excellent customer service.

    Customer interactions with call centers are the single biggest determination of customer satisfaction. And since 70% of all customer interactions are handled by your call center, making it is the key to your survival.

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