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Advantages Of An Inbound Call Center That’s Workflow Intelligent

  • Advantages Of An Inbound Call Center That’s Workflow Intelligent

If your call center hasn’t been performing up to expectations, intelligent workflow can be the answer.

It can turn a department that’s traditionally a cost center into one that’s a revenue producer.

The key to creating a call center with intelligent workflow is integrating your workflow optimization systems (WFO) with your ACD/IVR/Dialer infrastructure systems.

Put more simply, you need to get your WFO systems and infrastructure systems to talk to each other. It’s a call center strategy more and more forward-thinking managers are invoking.

The benefits of intelligent workflow are enormous. When implemented correctly, intelligent workflow:

  • Cuts operating costs
  • Minimizes capital expenditures
  • Optimizes age performance
  • Reduces time spent managing complex solutions
  • Boosts customer satisfaction
  • Increase revenues

And that’s just the start. Over time, intelligent workflow can transform your entire company, giving it a competitive edge other companies only wish they had.

Disconnection is the problem

Today’s call center systems don’t talk to each other. Infrastructure systems push data to workforce optimization systems for scheduling and monitoring, which is great.

But that’s it. The WFO systems don’t feed performance data back to the infrastructure systems.

That means your core system doesn’t have a systematic process that can improve future scheduling, adjust call monitoring, or prompt opportunistic calls, among other things.

Managers in these call centers must make these types of changes manually. To do it, they first cull through performance data and reports to get a clear picture of what’s happening in their call centers.

Then after internalizing this information, they make adjustments that they HOPE don’t negatively impact your business.

This is cumbersome and unproductive. It’s also inefficient.  Intelligent workflow offers a better solution

Creating A Powerful Agile System

Integrating your WFO and infrastructure systems creates a powerful, agile system that not only provides key data to your core call center system.

It also creates a core system that responds appropriately to key situations and provides changes that should be made.

Imagine a system that senses and tracks agent performance—a system that automates decisions and actions that previously required manual intervention.

Imagine a system that listens and responds—one that motivates and engages agent and managers.

No wasted time and effort.  No more checking agent performance ratings. No more adjusting assignments and switching activities based on agent performance.

Instead, everything is automated and prioritized.

That’s what intelligent workflow offers.

Enormous Benefits For Customers

This type of workflow also delivers consistent customer experiences, providing enormous benefits to customers in the process.

For example, a core system with intelligent workflow can sense when a call agent’s responses have disappointed or frustrated a customer, automatically forwarding an apology to him or her.

In completing this process, the system might also uncover a customer’s interest in a new product or a new service that you can supply to him or her.

As a result, the customer is pleased with this proactive response. He or she sees you as a top of the line brand that listens and cares.

Resolving issues quickly like this builds positive perceptions of your brand, boosts customer satisfaction, and increases quality ratings. More important, it builds brand loyalty.

When consumers enjoy exceptional customer experiences, they tell their friends about the service and/or comment on social media. This generates new customers and boosts your bottom line.

If your call center is a cost generator and not a revenue producer, turn things around with. Intelligent workflow.

Creating a call center that features intelligent workflow provides enormous benefits to both your organization and your customers. More important, it creates a sustainable competitive edge.

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