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If your company runs the 3rd shift for your call center services you may see a difference in its effectiveness compared to 1st and 2nd shift personnel. Statistics show that the 11 pm to 7 is shift has issues with call resolution, the volume of calls handled, and customer satisfaction. Third shift personnel is also more likely to call in sick or not show up for work. If you are the manager of your company’s night shift there are ways that you can help your call center agents be more effective and beat shift work disorders.

What Is Shift Worker Disorder?

Everyone has a circadian clock. This clock helps your body by telling it when being awake and when to sleep. People who work the 3rd shift disrupt this circadian rhythm, leading to what has become known as shift worker disorder. Symptoms of this disorder include difficulty staying awake during their shift and the inability to sleep when they are off work. Sleep deprivation leads to an inability to think coherently and make important decisions, which impacts job effectiveness.

People who continuously work the night shift can also have digestive issues since the body does most of its digestion at night when people are supposed to be at rest. Many employees on the 3rd shift don’t eat right or get enough exercise, leading to cardiac and other health problems.

What Can Employees Do?

As a manager, you need to help your after-hours call center be prepared for the difficulties of going against their bodies’ natural clock. Explain to them the warning signs of shift worker disorder so they can recognize them when they occur. Inform them that they will have to create sleep routines to help them get the rest they need. Heavy curtains, a creative setting, and sleep masks will help them sleep better during the day. Scheduling time to sleep just as if they would at night will help them alter their circadian rhythm so that can obtain a better quality of sleep to be prepared for their shift.

When workers don’t get enough sleep, they will often turn to caffeine or sugary drinks to stay awake. Not only will the added sugar encourage weight gain there is also the impact of crashing before the shift is over. People will be hyperactive for a few hours then unable to keep their eyes open when the effects of the sugar or caffeine wear off.

Eating patterns will also need to change to help employees stay alert and awake throughout the night. Research has shown that many people snack more during the 3rd shift out of boredom. These snacks aren’t always healthy and can lead to weight gain. It is best if people eat fewer carbs during their shift and consume more protein to gain the energy needed to be effective all night long.

What Are The Effective Steps Your Company Can Do?

Your company needs to help employees obtain the right amount of sleep and maintain a healthy lifestyle if you want your call center night shift to improve. Installing full spectrum light bulbs in the call center will be effective & beneficial for your employees. These lights simulate natural light and help workers trick their bodies to alter their circadian rhythm.

Collaborate with a gym so that employees can obtain memberships at a discount. Encourage workers to exercise right before their shift to help increase the flow of endorphins and maintain the energy they need to work efficiently. They may want to work out after their shift to help their bodies feel tired enough to sleep after work. Exercising a few times a week will also help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your company may also want to take into account the late-night call center operations. Depending on their time zone, service desk companies located in various countries can efficiently handle your third shift activities during their first or second shifts. This approach enables you to optimize your call center operations, avoiding the costs and challenges associated with running a 24/7 operation. Get in touch with us today, and we will gladly address any inquiries you may have regarding managing a global operation and providing round-the-clock assistance to your customers.


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