6 Autotask Features That Will Elevate Your Business’s Efficiency

Autotask Features

IT help desk providers know the importance of tapping into automation technology to streamline repetitive tasks. This boosts employees’ productivity and saves them time in executing the same tasks every day.

Autotask is one such cloud-based, scalable automation technology that’s designed to simplify your business operations. Featuring custom ticketing templates and an impressive user interface, the extensive range of features offered by Autotask has made it an ideal choice for IT service providers.

The starting price of $65 makes Autotask a bit expensive, but the wide range of help desk and RMM functions justifies this price tag. This feature-rich software is packed with automation tools, most of which are customizable. It combines an IT help desk, project management, accounting, and other business operations.

Whether you have in-house teams for all management operations or your business associates are based in different parts of the world, Autotask is available in seven languages and works worldwide. This ensures that your entire team will be empowered to leverage automation.

Here is a list of 6 Autotask features that can improve your business’ efficiency.

1. Efficient Service Desk

The ITIL-aligned ticketing system makes Autotask the best choice for small and large-scale companies looking to optimize their help desk. You can use the advanced ticketing module that automatically converts user queries and concerns into tickets and assigns them to qualified and experienced technicians.

A fast and efficient help desk ensures that your SLA targets are met, and your clients are satisfied with your service. The entire operation is automated. This saves your employees the time to look into each query and assign them to a specialist based on availability.

If the issue is complex and needs a professional technician, it’s escalated to an IT technician at the top-tier level. Moreover, the user is informed about the ticket’s status, the estimated time for resolution, and other crucial metrics.

Tickets are prioritized based on their urgency and impact on the company’s workflow. The tickets on high priority are handled first, and the complicated ones are automatically assigned to a professional technician for smooth and fast resolution.

2. RMM Capabilities

Autotask is a unified PSA-RMM solution. It can monitor your remote workforce, track all assets installed on-premises and remotely, and consolidate your remote and in-house teams into a single centralized dashboard.

This advanced remote monitoring functionality boosts employees’ productivity, your organization’s profitability, and the overall workflow. With built-in RMM features, your technicians can remotely monitor users’ systems and proactively handle technical issues.

3. Mobile App

The iOS and Android apps of Autotask enable companies to use the software on the go and on any device. You just need to sign into the software application to get access to the dashboard. The tool offers seamless navigation, with all features arranged neatly on the dashboard.

You can check Autotask’s dashboard and the list of the tickets on mobile. Get regular alerts, update ticket status, check timesheets, and track your activities on the go.

The mobile app supports a one-time sign-on process and is secured with two-factor authentication, disabling third parties or an unauthorized user from signing into the software. The Autotask mobile app comes in handy for employees who work while traveling or those working remotely.

This allows your IT team to offer immediate technical support to your clients and address their concerns throughout the day and all week. It also offers your employees the convenience of tracking issues and fixing them anytime and anywhere.

4. Seamless Integration

Software that doesn’t work with third-party apps and plugins can make the daily work hectic for your team. Transferring all the data manually from one system to another can be a hassle. Fortunately, Datto’s Autotask is engineered to work in conjunction with most tools, software, apps, and solution that technicians need for a smooth workflow.

IT service desk providers that use a separate tool for accounting, HR management, technical work, billing, and customer relationship management can have peace of mind knowing that Autotask can integrate seamlessly with nearly all modern apps.

Datto’s products can integrate with accounting, remote monitoring, software development, email service protection, backup and recovery, and other help desk solutions. Examples are Addigy, Acronis, AB Software, Autonox, and AnswerForce.

5. Knowledgebase

Knowledgebase serves as the repository of information that helps clients find resolutions to their queries. You can customize this feature to your unique business needs and offer quick self-help services for issues that arise repeatedly.

The feature is quite helpful for problems that are reported frequently and are too simple to be addressed by a professional. The client can be redirected to the knowledge base that targets your audience in general. It contains articles, blogs, how-to guides, and answers to common questions.

Users facing common issues can refer to this section and read relevant articles. You can create an extensive Autotask knowledge base that handles most technical problems.

If the user can’t get the necessary help from the self-service portal, they can raise a ticket and work with a professional technician.

6. Smart Dashboard

The dashboard offers a 360-degree view of all your client’s profiles, their ticket status, and your employees’ performance.

Seamless navigation makes it easy for non-tech-savvy users to use Autotask and access its features on a neat dashboard. If the bright light is causing headaches, you can activate dark mode to make it visually comfortable.

The dashboard summarizes all your interactions, performances, and database in a graphical format. Datto has incorporated easy-to-comprehend charts, tables, and other visual tools that make it easy to read and compare data.

Get information about your finances, customers, activities, and everything displayed on the dashboard.

Bottom Line

Autotask is an excellent centralized help desk tool for IT companies planning to automate ticket management and all IT operations. It combines your customers, remote employees, agents, and the entire management into a single unit.

The intuitive dashboard gives you a clear picture of all features in one place. The reports & analytics show you detailed information about your company’s performance and other metrics, while the remote and monitoring and management allows your team to manage all devices remotely.

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