Jira vs Autotask Compared 2023

Jira vs Autotask

Customer service software lets you streamline service desk operations and deliver consistent and quality service. You can work with an internal support team or an outsourcing IT service desk provider; these solutions can help you get the best out of your teams while creating a positive customer experience.

Jira and Autotask are two such solutions we will be exploring today. Jira lets you implement ITSM solutions with templates offering you the flexibility to scale as needed. Autotask is a complete business management IT solution with features like a service desk, automation, and CRM.

The article will compare Jira and Autotask to help decide which solution warrants your investment.

Jira: What is it?

Jira is a product offered by Atlassian. Using Jira, you can set up and centralize service desk operations. It supports collaboration among several software development tools across the enterprise. This lets service agents access relevant and critical information and respond to issues better.

Jira offers modules like request, change, incident, problem, configuration, and knowledge management. You can perform activities like setting up SLAs, self-service portals, automation, risk assessment, and tracking and analyzing reports.

You can integrate with software tools and customize your service desk for optimal results.

Autotask: What is it?

Autotask PSA is a product by Datto that aims to simplify business operations. It provides businesses with a unified view of operations, resources, and data.

It includes features like a dashboard where you can access data in a centralized and easy-to-understand graphical format. The service desk module lets you create and manage different tickets and automate and enhance manual processes.

If you are working with an MSP, you can use the outsourcing tickets module to manage tickets. Its reporting capabilities let you view extensive details about every ticket outsourced.

Jira vs Autotask Compared 2023

Let us go through some comparison factors to understand which customer service software you should opt for.

1. Setup

Jira is a relatively easy software to get started with. Atlassian provides in-depth guides and documentation on setting up the product and its features.

You can visit the support section on Atlassian and select documentation. Here you will find the service product and view guides for admins and agents. Additionally, there are technical account managers, partners, and customer migration teams available that you can consult with.

Autotask PSA offers getting started guides on their website. Here you will find information on browser settings, navigation, preferences, time tracking, and more. There is separate documentation available for supervisors and managers.

Jira, in comparison to Autotask, has detailed guides and is easier to set up.

2. User-Friendliness

The Jira software is a flexible ITSM solution. With modules like request, asset, incident, and problem management, your service desk can collaborate and resolve issues more quickly.

It also offers several integrations and customization capabilities. This can be though overwhelming for users, especially the ones from a non-IT background. The tool is user-friendly, but it has a learning curve to it.

Autotask also offers customization capabilities. It, too, has a learning curve but can be comparatively easier to use. According to user reviews, some of the main concerns about the solution are that integrations offered are limited and there are performance issues when dealing with heavily loaded tickets.

3. Supported Platforms

The Jira software is available as a cloud and data center offering. As a cloud offering, the software will be hosted by Atlassian. You can opt for a data center if you want control over the infrastructure. You can use your existing servers for a non-clustered deployment or add new servers for a clustered data center deployment.

Autotask can be accessed through your browser. It supports browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari on the Windows and Mac platforms. In addition, you can use Autotask LiveMobile, available for iOS and Android, to manage work while on the go.

4. Supported Integrations

When it comes to integrations, Jira has the advantage over Autotask.

Jira supports well over 1000 integrations. You can visit the Atlassian Marketplace to view the list of supported apps. Here you can browse according to product type, like Jira Service Management’ or through collections like Jira workflows, chat integrations, customer support, and more.

Some of the popular apps you will find on the Marketplace are:

  • Git Integration
  • Planner by Tempo
  • Microsoft 365
  • Automation
  • Deep Clone
  • Notification Assistant
  • Jira Server for Slack

Autotask supports over 100 in-house extensions and third-party integrations. For example, Client Portal is an extension that lets you and your customers connect on tickets, projects, and service desk operations.

Autotask can integrate with other Datto products like:

  • Datto BCDR
  • Datto RMM
  • Datto SaaS Protection

Other third-party integrations available are:

  • MS Outlook
  • Active Directory
  • Xerox PagePack
  • Salesforce
  • QuickBooks

5. Pricing Plans

Jira offers flexibility and transparency when it comes to its pricing plans. Monthly plans let you pay according to active users on your team. Or you have the option of paying yearly. Jira is one of the budget-friendly options available in the marketplace.

The four cloud-based plans offered by Jira are:

  • Free – up to 10 users (monthly subscription only)
  • Standard – starting from $7.75 per user
  • Premium – starting from $15.25 per user
  • Enterprise – contact sales

If you are looking for a data center solution that you have complete control over, Jira offers a plan for $42,000 for 500 users.

Autotask does not publish pricing information on its website. Instead, you will have to provide your company details, contact information, and country, select the product you are interested in, and request a quote on their website.

6. Free Trial

Jira offers a free plan for up to 10 users. The plan includes features like unlimited project boards, backlog, reporting, 2 GB of storage, and community support.

You can try the Standard and Premium Plans for free. The free trial is for seven days and for up to 10,000 users. You do not need a credit card to use the free plans by Jira.

The data center plan by Jira is also available at a fully functional 30-day free trial.

Autotask does not come with a free trial. However, you can request a demo through the company’s website, providing the same information you would when requesting a quote.

7. Customer Support

The type of customer support for Jira depends on your selected pricing plan. For example, if you are using the cloud-based free plan, you can visit Atlassian Support. Here you can access documentation, FAQs, and bug reports or find answers in the Community.

For the Standard plan, regional 9 to 5 support is available. For the Premium plan, 24/7 support is available for high-impact issues. 24/7 technical support, telephonic support, and a senior support team are available for the Enterprise plan.

To access Autotask’s customer support, you first need to be logged into the Datto help center. You can use your Autotask or Partner Portal details to log in. Once logged in, navigate to the Get Help section, then Technical Support. From here you can contact the support team through chat, ticket, or phone.

8. User Training

To access learning resources, you can visit Atlassian’s homepage and click the ‘Support’ section. Here you can find guides for all of the company’s products, links to support services, and the Atlassian Community.

Atlassian University is where you can access free and paid courses for $39. You can explore learning paths as per roles like administrator or frameworks like Agile or ITSM.

Certification course bundles are available for $100. According to a survey, 73% of Atlassian Certified Users reported an increase in their job prospects.

You will have to log in to the Datto Community to access learning resources for Autotask. Once logged in, under ‘Learn’ and ‘Training,’ you will find several video and product training webinars. Here you can also register for live events.

The knowledge base contains troubleshooting articles according to product features like service desk, CRM, integrations, administration, and more.

9. Customer Type

Jira is software that can be used by freelancers, small and medium-sized companies, as well as large enterprises. According to the company, the software is being used across different industry verticals like IT, finance, retail, and government. With big clients like Walmart, Samsung, and Toyota, Jira is suitable for medium to large companies.

Autotask provides a one-stop solution for major business operations. It can be used by freelancers and small companies. But the product has a bigger market share in medium-sized companies that are in the $50 million to $1 billion range.

10. User Ratings

If we consider user ratings, it is Jira that takes the lead, according to Gartner. The software has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with 1918 reviews. Some of the top-rated features of the software are backlog management, collaboration, scrum team support, and product capabilities. In addition, 89% of the reviewers would recommend using Jira.

On the other hand, Autotask is rated 4.2 out of 5, with 32 ratings on Gartner. Product capabilities, integration, evaluation, and deployment are some of the top-rated features. 78% of the reviewers would recommend using Autotask.

Jira vs Autotask Comparison Table

Characteristics Jira Autotask
Setup Easy Decent
User-Friendliness Yes, has a learning curve Yes, has a learning curve
Supported Platforms Cloud – Web-based and Mobile App

Data Center

Cloud – Web-based and Mobile App
Supported Integrations 1000+ free and paid apps 100+ apps and extensions
Pricing Plans Free – up to 10 users only

Standard – estimated $7.75 per user

Premium – estimated $15.25 per user

Enterprise – contact sales

No pricing information available Request for a quote
Free Trial 7-day free trial Not available
Customer Support Free:


Knowledge Base


Support as per pricing plan:











Knowledge Base

User Training Atlassian University Datto Community
Customer Type Freelancers

Small and medium-sized companies

Large enterprises

Small and medium-sized companies

Large enterprises

User Ratings 4.4 out of 5 (1918 ratings) 4.2 out of 5 (32 ratings)


The selection between Jira and Autotask depends on your company size, requirement, and budget.

Jira is a better choice for medium-sized companies and large enterprises. It is widely used across industries and includes Fortune 500 companies in its client list. In addition, its project management, ITSM service desk, and integration capabilities are highly rated.

Autotask is the better option if you are an MSP. It lets you centralize processes, customize dashboards, create, manage, automate service desk modules, and make data-driven decisions.

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