Avoid the Horror of Lost Data for Your Inbound Call Center

Lost Data

It is every business owner’s nightmare: you receive a call from your IT staff telling you that a hard drive crash has caused you to lose valuable database information. All of the customer service information your inbound call center services have collected over the last six months is gone. If you use an online backup service, you can avoid the horror of lost data and save your company time and money.

More Than Just Money

When your company suffers from lost data, it can mean more than just a temporary income loss. Statistics show that half of the companies that suffer from significant loss of information end up filing bankruptcy. That is because you lose more than just lost data, you also lose the trust of your customers. When people learn that their data has been lost they will leave for your competitors and new customers will be difficult to find.

Lost Data Means Too Many Risks

Businesses that keep proprietary and customer information on-site are taking a huge risk. The company may suffer from a technological malfunction, theft, fire, or an environmental disaster. Even making a backup on a flash drive or DVD doesn’t guarantee the data will remain safe. If you keep your back-ups in the same place as your database, and many business owners do, then they may suffer the same fate.

Avoid Lost Data By Off-Site Backups

While moving your physical backups offsite will remove the possibility of a fire or theft destroying both sets of data, you aren’t removing all risks. In addition, if the flash drive or DVD becomes damaged you won’t be able to restore your database.

Remote Backup

Remote backups offer a safe and secure alternative for companies. The data is encrypted as it is transferred to protect important information from hackers. And you can retrieve this data from any location. Therefore, if you have to move your inbound call center due to a natural disaster or due to business growth you will have access to up-to-date information instantaneously.

Real-Time Storage

Call centers alter customer information multiple times throughout the day. If your business waits to perform information transfers until the end of the day, computer malfunctions may create lost data during a shift. Real-time transfers every time a record is altered will make sure your company always has up to date customer information

Restore Previous Versions

Most online back centers will offer companies the ability to track different versions of a database as information is altered. This way if your company needs to restore a previous version of a record you can find this version on your report and retrieve the necessary data.

Back-Up Reports

These services also offer reports of what information is backed up, if the transfer was successful, and how long it took to complete each transfer. This will keep you and your IT department up to date with the integrity of your data. If there are issues with a backup the service will notify you of the problem so that your IT department can resolve the issue before it results in data loss.

Data Restoration

With a remote back-up service, your company can also restore your entire database or corrupted files easily. If your company does suffer from human error or a technological failure you don’t have to lose money or time to restore your database to its previous condition.


Many business owners don’t realize how affordable online backup services can be. Not only does it save money by preventing data loss but also there are various service plans available for different needs. These plans are based on the amount of data being backed up, such as 20 GB a month, and the additional services offered. If your company knows the size of its database and its storage needs then you will be able to find the right plan. Then you can avoid overage costs or have a plan that is too big for your company’s needs.

Your after-hours support center needs to be able to have access to reliable and up-to-date information. Relying on a remote backup service can help ensure data integrity and create a business your customers will trust.


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