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When your company is preparing for a product launch many different teams have to coordinate to make the process smooth. That includes your call center. With all of the other items on your to-do list and a small staff, call center outsourcing may be the best decision to support your product launch.

Product Launch Needs Sufficient Staffing

When your company launches a new product, your call center will see an increase in call volume. Your current staff may not be able to handle this increase, which can mean long hold times, lost calls, and irate customers. This problem may be exacerbated if employees call in sick or take days off during this time.

A call center company has staff on hand. If more personnel are needed for a specific client then the company will pull staff from another department. The after hours call center especially has an additional staff on hand to make sure all shifts are covered adequately to meet client needs. So if one staff member calls in sick or several staff members are on vacation your product launch still receives the attention it deserves.

Product Launch Needs Proper Training

Your call center staff will have to be trained on the new product and how to respond to specific customer questions. This training can take time away from management that is needed for other aspects of the product launch. Call center companies to handle all of their training. Leave it to their managers to train their agents on the new product so that you can focus on more important aspects, such as marketing materials and sufficient inventory.

All Hands On Deck

Small businesses often pull personnel from one department to help in other areas. Often a new product launch requires an all-hands-on-deck strategy where personnel from multiple departments are transferred to manufacturing, inventory, or other departments that may need help. If your company pulls staff from your call center you may not have the personnel to handle the current volume let alone increased volume.

Call center companies are experts at making sure that every client has the staff they need to make sure that incoming calls are handled efficiently. Your company can be assured that not only will your account be handled expertly during a product launch but that your clients won’t suffer just because another company has a product launch and the company needs additional staff.

Technology Updates

A new product means new product codes and database information. IT personnel have to make these changes throughout the organization, including the call center. Sometimes a new product may mean updating software or additional programming. Your IT staff may already be strained handling all of the other issues that are related to your product launch. They may not be able to handle changes to the call center technology in addition to all other items.

Companies that offer call center support handle all of their own technology requirements. They are responsible for updating equipment, making changes to databases, and any other improvements that need to be made in order to support customers during the product launch.

24 Hour Assistance

Not only will a product launch mean increased call volume but it can also mean customers calling in at all hours of the day and on weekends. This may not be normal at other times for your company. A product launch may mean not only increasing staff during the first shift but also adding additional shifts in order to meet customer needs. call center outsourcing companies are able to meet these needs for their clients without the increased human resource expense that small businesses incur.

Don’t let your company’s product launch ruin customer relationships. Hire a call center company to handle your next new product launches to increase customer satisfaction without hurting the company’s bottom line.

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