Integrated CRM Reduces Effort, Improves Efficiency

Integrated CRM

Companies understand that customer relationship management is an important part of an inbound call center service. But there is a difference between managing the customer and leveraging CRM benefits. Integrated CRM by combining customer service, sales, and marketing can help reduce the effort of running an inbound call center.

First Line Of Defense

For most customers, the inbound call center is their first contact with a company. This means that the agents they speak with will shape the future relationship between the business and the client. Not only is it important to make a good first impression, but it is also vital to make sure that the call center is able to resolve all of the customer’s needs on the first call.

First call resolution is a very important statistic when trying to determine the efficiency of an inbound call center. But when the customer’s information is full of errors or spread throughout different departments in the company, it is not always possible for agents to take care of the entire customer’s needs and resolve any issues in one call.

Integrated CRM

Customer relationship management software was created to help coordinate information between departments. It helps the agent on the phone understand the customer’s entire history so that he knows how to resolve the customer’s issues. It also meets customers’ expectations. When an individual contacts an inbound call center, they expect the person who answers the phone to know all of the details of the interactions between the customer and the company.

But customer relationship management can do so much more than just help improve first call resolution. It can even do more than just integrate information from many different departments. Integrated CRM can help several different departments and ultimately reduce inbound call center costs.

All In One Solution – Integrated CRM

Not only does the customer expect call center agents to have all of their information available they also do not differentiate the difference between service, marketing, and sales. So if the call center handles all three areas in one department it would not hurt the relationship between customers and the company. In fact, it may even help to improve the relationship because customers would begin to become familiar with specific agents within the organization.

If all customer relationships are handled by one inbound call center then the call center can be reorganized so that each one can handle a different type of client. For example, all large corporate clients can be handled by one area of the call center and consumers can be handled by another. The call center can even be organized so that specific agents handle specific product lines. Then these customers are always speaking to the same small group of people whether the call is regarding sales, marketing, or a service issue.

Service delivery efforts will be reduced with integrated customer relationship management because they will be able to handle the entire client’s needs with one call. The original contract may be about sales but as the agent talks to the customer they may find out that there is a service issue that needs to be resolved or even be able to tell the customer about a new product that will be available so that the customer can preorder.

With the growth of e-business and the reduction of brick and mortar companies businesses need to determine if their business model is efficient and best serves the customers. Reducing cost and leveraging the relationship between agents and customers is one solution businesses may consider helping streamline their organization. The solution can either be handled internally by the company or outsourced help desk company so that one organization handles all three departments for the business.

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