Cross Training At Your Call Center Promotes Growth

Cross Training

When you have a small company, applying growth hacking strategies will help your organization compete with corporations in your market. One aspect of growth hacking many businesses don’t consider is cross-training. If you create cross-training protocols at your call center, you can achieve rapid growth.

Next Generation & Cross-Training

Generation Y employees are now in their early twenties and just starting their careers. Generation Z is heading to college and will soon be applying for new jobs. What these two generations have in common is their dislike of stagnation. They aren’t satisfied with a dead-end job, and if your company doesn’t offer them the opportunities they seek then they will find a different organization that will.

New Mediums

In addition to new employees, companies need to use their contact centers to communicate with customers via new mediums or channels. It isn’t enough for staff to handle phone calls; agents also have to be able to communicate on social media sites and process email requests. If one team can handle all methods of communication with customers, then your company will be able to save money.

Cross Training Benefits

When your company creates cross-training opportunities for your employees your organization will reap the benefits. For employees who desire growth, cross-training offers them the ability to learn new skill sets they can apply with your company or in the future with another organization.

Businesses have discovered that when they offer cross-training the turnover of Generation Y employees decreased significantly. That rate dropped even further when they offered to help with education expenses in addition to the training. This is because as long as they feel they are able to grow; young employees are more inclined to stay with a company.

Cross-training also helps employees handle multiple duties. While not everyone is capable of multi-tasking, those who are will become invaluable to your organization. You may be able to decrease the number of staff you need for your call center or use flexible employees with advanced skills as floaters when positions need to be filled. This can help when your agents go on vacation or you experience a seasonal increase in call volume.

Other Growth Hacking Benefits

When your company is looking to grow, management isn’t always sure that the current staff is able to handle the expansion or if additional personnel will be necessary. Cross-training offers the company a way to see just what the strengths and weaknesses are in the current team. Then, if you are looking to expand your contact center, you will be able to determine if additional employees are needed or if perhaps you will have to outsource some of the call center’s responsibilities to an IT help desk provider in order to meet the new demand.

Cross-training offers benefits to your employees and your organization. Employees gain experience, feel the company values them, and become an important asset to management. The company is able to reduce turnover, manage human resources expenses efficiently, and able to achieve growth faster. When the company is ready to grow, management will be able to predict the needs of the organization in order to ensure excellent customer service during the expansion.

Training is an important part of maintaining an inbound call center company‘s growth that outperforms all expectations. Cross-training leverages the benefits further and should be considered a part of the company’s growth hacking strategies. If your company doesn’t offer to cross-train to the employees, then you should look into ways to implement the strategy as soon as possible.

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