Inbound Call Center Culture Defines Hiring Process

call center culture

Every company has a culture. It is the way the organization treats its clients, employees, and management. When you are hiring agents for your inbound call center, you should choose a candidate who fits with your company’s call center culture.

A Different Breed

People who work in a call center are different from other types of employees. They need to be able to work in a fast-paced environment, be able to handle stress, and think on their feet. This makes finding potential employees to fill an open position difficult. Not many people have the qualities that make them perform in this type of environment.

Add to that the fact that not all call centers are alike. The culture of an inbound call center is shaped by its organization. Some call centers are into the one-on-one phone approach while others are looking to handle only escalated issues on the phone and handle the rest of the customer service issues online. Whether your inbound call center is handling sales, technical support, or customer service it will also affect the culture.

With all of these different factors, a call center culture is slightly different from the one created for the rest of the company. All of this needs to be considered when you are adding someone to the team.

The Right Fit To Your Call Center Culture

Even if you find a candidate who has all of the skills you are looking for, you still need them to fit in with the culture of the organization. If you don’t then you are just wasting your and the candidate’s time. The new employee won’t be able to fit in with his co-workers. He will be unhappy and feel out of place. Eventually, he will leave your company to work for an organization that has a culture more suitable for his personality and you will have to fill the position again.

Take Your Time For Call Center Culture

It is better to leave a position open than to fill it with the wrong candidate. If you know there will be positions opening up in your inbound call center you may want to start the search early so that you have the time you need to find the right person. Alternatively, if an employee leaves unexpectedly, plan for the fact that you may need to compensate for the vacant position for a while in order to conduct your search for the candidate who fits your company.

Call Center Culture Should Be Inclusive To The Interview Process

In order to make sure your shortlist of candidates will fit into your company’s culture, you need to include the right questions in the interview process. Ask questions to determine if an individual’s personality is a good match for the company’s mindset and goals. Create hypothetical scenarios and see how the candidate responds. Look at their performance at other companies and keep an eye out for competitors with a similar culture to the individual’s job history. These approaches will help make sure that the candidate you select is the perfect match.

It takes a long time to develop a good team for your inbound call center. During that time, you need to help them work well with one another and with the goals of the organization. Once you have your dream team, don’t risk jeopardizing it by adding a new employee who isn’t a cultural fit. Consider the call center culture of your company and your contact center when you are reviewing your candidates. It may take longer to fill the position, but the result will be a new employee who will stay with the organization and work well with your team.

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