How To Build A Successful MSP Marketing Strategy ?

MSP marketing strategy

MSP marketing is a critical task, especially for start-ups that are not familiar with their potential customers. Your target customers might have heard about your services, but they know too little about your brand to trust. Cogent MSP marketing strategies can help you get new customers by educating them about your services.

You can win the trust of your prospects by familiarizing them with the value of your services. It will increase your brand awareness among potential customers and expedite the sales cycle.

You need to keep in mind that the people whom you are targeting probably have no idea about your business or its solutions. It’s your task to educate them about the technical details of your services.

An effective MSP marketing strategy will convince the clients by presenting how your managed services can add value to their businesses. Once a potential client understands the value of your solution, further convince them to proceed with your MSP sales process.

This post discusses how to plan your MSP marketing effectively. So scroll down to explore the Best MSP marketing strategy that will help you achieve your business goal.

What Do You Mean by MSP Marketing Plan?

Marketing programs for managed service providers generally include some techniques to grab the attention of potential clients. The plan aims to connect your target audience and your brand with a clear marketing message. So, you need to find answers to the below questions to create an effective MSP marketing strategy:

  • Who may be your potential customer, and what IT issues are they facing?
  • Can your solutions help them resolve those issues?
  • What’s the best method to engage your prospects?
  • What can increase your brand visibility and keep you apart from other managed services providers?

Once you find the right answers, create a marketing campaign that talks about problem-solving for your prospective customers.

You can use your marketing methods for promoting your brand. The right marketing tactic for your MSP business will depend on your target audience, desired results, budget, etc.

Factors to Consider For Building a Successful MSP Marketing Strategy

Though these days’ businesses emphasize more on digital marketing process, some traditional marketing tricks can yield expected results. Below we have compiled some key factors of MSP marketing strategy.

Start a Digital Marketing Campaign

Once you define your brand, launch a digital marketing campaign through strategic technology platforms. Thus you can reach your target audience to engage them with your service. So plan your budget and get someone to implement the marketing plans.

MSPs can consider the below points to make a successful marketing campaign:

  • Select the right blend of digital marketing media.
  • Use social and web platforms to tell your enterprise story.
  • Consider a website update to ensure it presents your brand in the right way.
  • Ensure effective search engine optimization (SEO) is in place.

Enhance Your Brand Visibility

For MSPs, it’s crucial to have a powerful company brand in place. Your brand identity is from what your customers buy the services. Customers look for an outstanding service background with uniform quality levels and qualified people who can manage their requirements.

Identify Your Expertise

Enterprises hire MSPs for various types of IT support. It includes outsourced IT help desk support, network, cloud and cybersecurity management, and consulting services. It means MSPs can potentially offer expertise in many areas. So, you should specialize in various skills to efficiently differentiate yourself and make a strong marketing presence.

MSPs should specify the types of clients they can best serve. Besides, you should pinpoint where you have to struggle the most while providing services. You can analyze it either from the point of client satisfaction or profitability standpoint.

MSPs must understand the nature of a perfect client. It will help you focus on your sales and product development efforts to engage those clients.

You also shouldn’t go for a client if you find that the business is not matching your services. You may get the deal at that initial point, but it will create complexity and harm your reputation in the longer run.

Create Your Brand Awareness and Demand

The MSP marketing strategy should involve various channels to promote the company’s value. As MSPs take the required measures to sell their business, they must use various digital media. It will help you reach more customers, and the more people receive your message, the more response will come.

You can order your MSP marketing strategy as below.

1. Awareness

MSPs must engage potential clients with their service information and the value they can deliver. It will help you become successful at lead generation.

You can use the below marketing channels and content to help customers get to know your brand and expertise:

  • Press releases
  • Social media
  • White papers
  • Videos
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Social organizations and forums

2. Demand

After building awareness, MSPs must build a strategy to induce demand and generate leads. You can practice the below activities to develop your brand value:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Publishing White paper and case study
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Content marketing and SEO


Developing an MSP customer base is a difficult task. However, many techniques yield results. By defining your target audience, desired results, and proper marketing channels, you can achieve the goal. Further, by carefully analyzing marketing rendition, you can create an exhaustive MSP marketing strategy. It will help you develop new customers reliably and keep your company thriving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Way to Acquire New Customers for Your MSP Business?

The best MSP marketing strategy depends on your target clients and some other factors. However, digital marketing, especially, social media marketing and PPC, are some of the best ways to engage your potential customers fast.

You can opt for an MSP marketing agency that will provide you with an MSP digital marketing campaign. It will help you engages your target audience and leads through the sales process.

Can an SEO Company Help Improve MSP Marketing?

An SEO company can support you enhance your website performance so that it comes in search engine results. However, only SEO is not enough to grow the online presence of your MSP business. You can hire an MSP marketing agency that knows the oddities of the MSP industry. They can offer a comprehensive strategy to succeed in it.

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