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Art Of Living

Well the quintessential call center is our good old’ inbound call center – where customers literally call in to “say” (read shout) about what’s wrong with their products.

All inbound call center executives will tell you that most of their clients who call in are not going to wish them “Merry Christmas” but are either, disgusted, confused, angry or simply cheesed off with their life or the product or both which is easily emptied out at the inbound call center agent!

Well, at an inbound call center, agents are paid to listen to shouting customers and then calm them down (Wow! sounds like a real Zen guy!). No that’s just the humorous way of putting it. Inbound call center is in fact a place customer’s call in to either:

  1. Ask for help, especially “technical” help – (How do I open the pack of the tuna tin to how to dismantle a hard drive!!)
  2. They call in an inbound call center agent to inquire or “request” information (Will you F#*#* give me the damn info?)
  3. People call in to an inbound call center for placing orders. (Hey where are you from? Are you free tonight?)
  4. For Filing complaints (ya . . . that’s the most common usage of the Inbound Call center, without a doubt!)

The inbound call center agents are adept at handling irate, enraged, incensed and even abusive customers and all those of you wanting a lesson in the “practice of equipoise in the face of fire” must find a personal inbound call center agent for yourself (They bring out the emotion of awe and respect in me!).

As any experienced inbound call center agent will vouch for, you will move on from getting angry to getting amused and then insanely amused as you progress in your work.
You can then handle your “shouting mom”, “crazy brother” ” fanatical friend” or even your “ranting mom-in-law” like a breeze.

An inbound call center does that to you and even pays you to learn this “wonderful” art of living! Isn’t it great?

Very few jobs in the world can boast of doing that. None in fact.
But the inbound call center gives you so much PATIENCE that anything in the world cannot disturb your meditating calm. And once you have learnt to spend the nightly hours in the “phone-sized”, “artificially lit”, “wake-the-dead” inbound call center, every other work in the world is God’s blessings.

My important tip to all you aspiring inbound call center agents . . . “keep it short”
Remember all you inbound call center agents are monitored and graded according to your “average-call-time” measurement i.e how short was the call ( don’t worry if it was successfully concluded or not !). Well, this means that if you act stupid or ignorant ; infuriated customers just hang up in disgust . . . yipee! leading to ‘short’ call times.
Remember Alexander Dumas’ words “New soldiers carry guns, old soldiers carry treacle toffees!”

So enjoy as long as its ‘a new job’ . . . like me 🙂

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