How to Integrate Your CRM with Social

CRM with social

Customer resource management has evolved. With all of the Internet tools and big data analytics available, companies are more in tune with their market than ever before. When you integrate your CRM with social media, you are leveraging these resources to increase sales and service opportunities.

Engaging Your Market Base – CRM with social

When you integrate social and resource management, you have the ability to listen to your customers. You will find out information that they may not tell you directly. Not all dissatisfied customers will contact a business. In fact, statistics show that customers who are unhappy with a product or service won’t communicate with a company to solve the problem. However, they will complain to family and friends about the issue. Social media has become the new sounding boards for grievances large and small and this information can poison potential customers against your organization.

Engaging your leads will help your marketing department as they try to move them down the sales funnel. Integration tools will allow you to monitor prospects and all of the conversations they have regarding your company, your niche, and your competitors. A sales agent can pull up a lead and see all of this information to determine the best approach to convert that person into a customer.

Relevance Is Key

People hate advertisements. They don’t believe that the information company’s offer in marketing content is unbiased. Individuals rely on other individuals and industry influencers to provide them with the real deal on products and services. Your company can become one of those influencers if you offer relevant information that benefits consumers without being a sales piece.

Social integration tools will help your company see the type of information people are looking for when they are researching your market. Then your business can supply that information with relevant links, whitepapers, and articles. Keep the information free and don’t force followers to make a commitment to your organization and you will find people come to your website on their own.

Building A Community

Individuals aren’t the only visitors to social media sites. Your partners, suppliers, and competitors are here as well. Creating a community with CRM and social media will allow you to interact with all of your stakeholders in one location. You can coordinate advertising campaigns, new product launches and even resolve order issues. It has the same effect as living in a small town with everyone working together toward the same goals.

Brand Promotion

One of the benefits of a community on social media is that these members can become brand promoters. They will declare the benefits of your brand and recommend your company to people who are looking for specific products. Brand promotions on social media are the benefit of referrals on a cyber-level that can expand your reach and increase your sale conversions.

Integration CRM With Social  Is Easy

Integrating CRM with Social Media is easy. Many tools integrate well with different CRM software. Many of the tools are customizable as well so your company to tailor them to the needs of your business. This information is often cloud-based, allowing employees that are located in satellite locations and any outsource IT help desk provider you use to access real-time information.

If you are interested in integrating social media with customer management, you can contact your CRM with the social  software vendor. They will be able to tell you what tools work the best with their software and may be able to help you with the integration of the social media tools. This way you can make the transition as painless as possible and begin utilizing the benefits of the new software solutions immediately.

Social media continues to evolve and businesses need to be able to adapt as people use these sites in different ways. By integrating social media data with CRM software your company can have an inside track into the minds of your market, keep appraised with how people interact with these sites, and supply relevant information in order to increase your market share.

If you are looking to outsource your inbound call center or customer service efforts, you can still benefit from social media integration. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get the most out of social media marketing and brand followers.


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