Offer TECH MNC Flexibility with Tech Support

Tech MNC

Cloud communications can help your company perform advanced support for your customers. When you combine these services with managed technical support the result is a TECH MNC class service at a price your business can afford.

Cloud Communication & Tech MNC

Cloud-based phone systems are a convenient and affordable way for a business to communicate internally and externally. They offer unlimited local and long distance calling and advanced phone features at half the cost of traditional phone systems. They don’t require special equipment and start-up costs are extremely low. Many service companies offer an all-in-one solution so that you don’t have to deal with multiple providers.

Tech MNC & Virtual Office Features

With outsourced technical support, customer service, and traditional business calls, companies need a variety of advanced features in order to handle the call volume. With call waiting, call transfers, call forwarding, call queues, each incoming call can be handled properly, and reduce caller wait times. Auto attendants, caller ID, and music on hold will reduce customer frustration and make sure they can reach the right employee. Then you have added features such as 3-way calling and conference bridging to handle important sales presentations, business meetings, and advanced technical support issues.

These calling plans are available to all employees no matter where they are located. With mobile apps, employees can link their smartphones to your communication system. This is a great feature if you are looking to link your outsourced tech MNC support personnel with essential in-house employees. If an agent comes across a unique situation or a particularly irate customer, they can transfer the call to the right person instantaneously to improve customer retention.

Meetings In The Cloud

Conference calling is often an important aspect of tech support. This can be for additional training, explaining new products to your managed tech support team, or addressing technical issues that agents are experiencing in day-to-day contact with customers. By utilizing cloud communications, a company doesn’t have to be restricted to audio-only conference calls. Web and video calls are also available and ideal for sharing content, visual presentations, and advanced training.

Record And Review Calls

If you record these training sessions and conference calls the content can be uploaded for both your vendor company and employees. This way individuals can review the sessions when necessary or the vendor company can train additional personnel as needed.

Recording calls is also beneficial for reviewing quality assurance and employee reviews. Many cloud-based phone systems allow companies to record up to 40 GB of information. This is sufficient storage for most training sessions and can review incoming calls for quality.

Seamless Transition

To help provide optimum technical support for customers, businesses need to be able to provide a seamless transition between their vendor company and IT personnel. With traditional phone systems, this isn’t always easy to accomplish. Transferring calls can be difficult, leading to dropped calls and irate customers. With a cloud-based system, it is a matter of using the right software and an Internet connection. Transferring a call overseas is as easy as sending a call to an office down the hall. Customers may not even be aware of the fact that you are using an external company to handle your tech support.

Data updates, call monitoring, and quality assurance training are all just as easy with an Internet phone system. This will allow your company to help understand how efficiently your partner company is handling tech issues and where your company may need to make improvements. Problems with the call support system and customer support can be found and corrected before they influence client satisfaction.

When you have a tech MNC support company, you don’t have to feel isolated or separated from your customer support. By leveraging cloud communications your company can be connected with your third-party personnel while taking advantage of technology utilized by larger, multi-national corporations.

As a leading IT service desk outsourcing company, we are ready to leverage our proven experience in providing tech support for small and medium-sized companies to assist you. Take advantage of our expertise and request a quote from our dedicated sales team today.

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