Jira vs Zendesk Compared 2023

Jira vs Zendesk

Are you looking to grow your business? Are customer retention and increasing sales your business objective?

If yes, you need to focus on the quality of customer support you deliver. You can have an internal team or an outsourced IT help desk team; the quality should remain consistent.

Jira and Zendesk are solutions that can help you in the process. They can help optimize help desk workflows, allow for customizations, and enhance agent productivity.

But which service solution should you opt for? Let us find out.

A Brief Introduction to Jira

Atlassian offers several ITSM products, one of them being Jira Service Management. It provides features like request, problem, and incident management.

Under request management, you can manage your service desk, customize request forms, unify requests, set SLAs, build a self-service portal, and dive into customer reports.

Using other modules, you can escalate incidents, automate, perform risk assessments, and make improvements with knowledge management.

You can integrate with over 1000 software tools and work on the go with Jira’s mobile app.

A Brief Introduction to Zendesk

Zendesk is a CRM company that offers products for service and sales. Zendesk for service is a product that helps keep your business in sync and makes things easier for your teams and customers.

It provides service desk agents with a centralized customer view, integrations, knowledge base, and collaboration tools, helping them resolve issues quickly while offering a personalized experience.

From a customer’s perspective, there are features like multichannel support, a help center, a community, and the use of AI and bots.

Jira vs Zendesk Compared 2023

Jira or Zendesk? Which solution will fulfill your business requirement? Here are some comparison factors to help you decide.

1. How Easy is the Product Setup?

You can find relevant product documentation for Atlassian products under the Support tab. You can further navigate to the product of your interest, like Jira Service Management, and access the product guide. Here you will find the resource library, updates, and events hub.

You can also seek consulting services from Jira’s enterprise partners or technical experts.

For deploying Zendesk, you can visit its support portal. You can browse for help by categories like solutions, admin topics, guides, and common questions.

Zendesk also offers professional services wherein CX experts will help you launch, optimize, and transform customer service solutions.

2. How Easy is the Product to Use?

When it comes to ease of use, Zendesk has the upper hand over Jira.

Jira is a multifunctional product that caters to different ITSM solutions. It offers customization, automation, and integration capabilities. But these features can be overwhelming for users. Understanding and using the tool can be difficult for people from non-technical backgrounds. There is a learning curve to the product, post which it becomes easy to use.

Zendesk is the better choice here as its user interface is intuitive, which makes exploring and navigating the tool easier. In addition, agents from non-technical backgrounds can be trained to use Zendesk in a short period.

3. What is the Ideal Customer Type?

Freelancers and small teams, mid-sized companies, and large organizations can use both Jira and Zendesk.

Jira has a good market share among companies that are around $50 million to $10 billion in size. It also has a comparatively larger market share among companies that are over $10 billion in size. Jira’s biggest clients include names like Walmart, Samsung, and Pfizer.

Zendesk has a good market share among companies that are < $50 million and in the range of $50 million to $1 billion in size. Some of the prominent companies using Zendesk are HotDoc, Unity, and Founant.

4. What Platforms are Supported?

Jira and Zendesk can be accessed through web and mobile apps.

You can explore Jira’s data center plans if you wish to manage your own infrastructure with existing or additional servers.

5. What are the Different Pricing Plans?

Jira offers different cloud and data center pricing plans. For example, if we consider 10 users on a monthly basis, the plans available under the cloud are:

  • Free – $0 (only on monthly subscription)
  • Standard – $7.75/user, $77.50/month
  • Premium – $15.25/user, $152.50/month
  • Enterprise – connect with the sales team

For the data center, the pricing differs based on the number of users. For example:

  • 1000 users – $72,000 yearly
  • 3000 users – $165,000 yearly, and so on

Zendesk offers much more flexibility with its pricing plans than Jira. Its plans are available on a per agent/month basis. All pricing plans have to be paid yearly.

For example, its foundational support-only plans start at $19 and go up to $99 per agent/month.

Zendesk offers plans for everyone, under which you can find:

  • Suite Team – $49
  • Suite Growth – $79
  • Suite Professional – $99

If you are a large enterprise, consider the Suite Enterprise plan available at $150. If you want to customize Zendesk’s offering further, you can talk to the sales team; they start at $215.

6. Is Free-Trial Available?

Jira’s Standard and Premium plans are available at a 7 days free trial for up to 10,000 users. You do not have to provide any credit card details to avail of this trial. In addition, the data center plan is available for a month as a free trial.

Zendesk offers a free trial for its Suite Professional plan for 30 days. You can contact the sales team if you want to experience a free trial for any specific plan.

7. What Integrations are Available?

Integration-wise, Jira, and Zendesk are neck to neck if we consider quantity and variety. Both solutions support integrations for email, productivity, project management, reporting, and documentation.
Some of the featured apps on Jira’s Marketplace are:

  • Extension for Jira Service Management
  • Connector for Salesforce & Jira
  • Charts and Reports
  • Time to SLA
  • Microsoft 365
  • Easy Templates for Jira Issues

Some of the featured apps on Zendesk’s Marketplace are:

  • AI Customer Service
  • Haptik
  • Kaizo
  • Klaus
  • Help Desk Migration
  • Trello

8. How Good is Customer Support?

The Atlassian Support portal is your one-stop for all product and service-related queries and issues. You can access product-specific documentation, feature suggestions, troubleshooting steps, FAQs, and system status here.

You can visit the Atlassian Community, join groups, ask questions, and browse through existing topics.

Further, Jira provides support according to the plan you purchase. For example, with the Premium plan, L1 issues get 24/7 support, but with the Enterprise plans, support is available 24/7, regardless of the problem.

Zendesk’s standard support services include three options. First, you can visit Zendesk Help and go through guides, reports, and common issues or seek help from the Community.

Second option would be logging in to the product and contacting support through the ‘Get Help’ section. You can talk to the chatbot, and if you still need help, you can speak to an agent or the sales team.

Lastly, if your Zendesk account is unavailable, you can submit a request to the webform.

Zendesk also provides premium support, which includes services like phone support and technical advisors.

9. What Learning Resources are Available?

If you are looking to train in Jira, visit Atlassian University. You can browse free training, learning paths, certification courses, webinars, group events, and public classes here.

Under learning paths, you can further explore fundamental, role-based, and practice-based paths. For example, you can take training as a Jira Service Project Administrator or learn in-depth about ITSM. Paid courses start at $39.

If you need further help you can access product documentation or visit the Atlassian Community.

Similar to Jira, Zendesk offers multiple learning resources and mediums to users. You can go through their blogs, attend events and webinars, connect and learn from the Community or seek help from Zendesk professional experts.

The Zendesk Training module offers on-demand courses, learning paths, and certification courses.

Jira and Zendesk both offer excellent learning resources for users.

10. How Have Users Rated the Product?

As per Peer Insights by Gartner, Jira has a rating of 4.4/ 5 with 1920 all-time ratings. Reviewers particularly liked Jira’s functionality, feature-rich offerings, multiple platform support, and integration capabilities. 89% of reviewers are in favor of recommending the product to others.

On the other hand, Zendesk has a rating of 4.3/ 5, with 837 all-time ratings. Some of the positive qualities mentioned by reviewers are easy implementation, intuitive user interface, and customization capabilities. 81% of reviewers are in favor of recommending Zendesk to others.

Jira vs Zendesk Comparison Table

Factors Jira Zendesk
Product Setup Easy Easy
Product Use User-friendly, training required User-friendly
Customer Type Freelancers

Small and medium-sized companies

Large enterprises


Small and medium-sized companies

Large enterprises

Platforms Supported Web-based,

Mobile App – Android, iOS

Data Center


Mobile App – Android, iOS

Pricing Plan Free – up to 10 users

Standard – $7.75 per user

Premium – $15.25 per user

Enterprise – connect with sales team

Prices are set per agent/month (to be paid annually)

Support Team – $19

Support Professional – $49

Support Enterprise – $99

Suite Team – $49

Suite Growth – $79

Suite Professional – 99

Suite Enterprise – $150

Customized enterprise – $215

Free Trial 7 days 30 days
Integrations 1000+ 1300+
Customer Support Support as per pricing plan:





Free sources:

Atlassian Support

Atlassian Community

Standard Support:

Help center


Request support through product


Premium Support:

Standard support

24/7 availability

Phone support

Fast routing

99.9% service availability

Technical advisors

Learning Resources Atlassian University Zendesk Training module
Product Rating 4.4/ 5 (1920 all-time ratings) 4.3/ 5 (837 all-time ratings)


The quality of customer service you deliver plays an important role in businesses today. It can affect metrics like customer acquisition, retention, sales, and revenue.

Customer service solutions like Jira and Zendesk help optimize service desk operations, empower agents with tools and improve the overall customer experience.

We hope the questions we explored above help your organization find the optimal service desk product.

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