Why Manage Your Projects In Autotask? 7 Reasons For IT Managers

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AutoTask is a scalable PSA solution designed for IT help desk service providers. The tool streamlines your IT management functions and automates a wide array of tasks, making it easy to run your IT business. This saves your team time in executing repetitive tasks manually.

AutoTask is a comprehensive package that covers all modules in a single centralized unit. From project management to ticketing and from outsourcing to time tracking, AutoTask streamlines everything. While most of us are already familiar with AutoTask’s ticket management module, only a few know its exceptional project management capabilities.

In this post, we’ll walk you through 7 crucial reasons why AutoTask serves as a perfect platform for IT managers struggling with a complex project.

7 Benefits of Using AutoTask for Project Management

1. Creating a Proposal

AutoTask has a project module that manages all entries regarding projects in progress, completed projects, and pending ones. You can discuss with the stakeholders to get a clear picture of the number of tasks, available resources, time needed to finish these projects, set a budget, and establish a pricing strategy.

The module has a Project Template that shows you how you completed the previous projects. If you don’t have an outline for your current project, you can take this template and plan a proposal accordingly. This will avoid any confusion regarding your budget, estimated timeline for completion, resources used, and other factors.

You can link Project Proposal with Project Opportunity to get a quote. Once the labor items and all resources are combined, it’s easy to get a quote. You can send it to the client through email for review.

2. A Centralized Task Page

You can gather information about a specific project on the Task Page. It’s like an organized dashboard that lists all items, tickets, and reports on a single page.

The Task page features details like the budget and timeline for the project, the steps needed to complete it, and how the project contributes to the bigger goals. There are Task Buttons, Quick Add Bar, the Main Panel, Insights Panel, Page Header, Tools Menu, etc. These features enable smooth and quick navigation, allowing you to access different sections in a few clicks.

3. Project’s Lifecycle

AutoTask streamlines the entire project’s lifecycle from start to finish. You can use a ready-made project template to create a new project or do it from scratch. The Project Importer allows you to import certain tasks and visual elements from spreadsheets into your current project.

Once you have finished a project, you can inactivate it. The feature also comes in handy when you want to put the project on hold temporarily. Once it’s inactivated, it won’t appear on the project dashboard, and your employees can’t access or edit these files.

The admin can change the project status to Active when they resume work. You can also Delete the project if it is not approved by your team or stakeholders.

4. Managing a Project

AutoTask displays all projects in progress on the dashboard and allows seamless navigation. You can locate any project on the dashboard and get a detailed view of its status, timeline, budget, and assigned duties. The “Summary” is where you can collect the project’s information. Here’s what project management on AutoTask looks like:

  • Get a summary of the project, i.e., its running status and stakeholder-level information.
  • Track and manage the project schedule.
  • There’s a Team option that allows you to communicate with the in-house and outsourced team members.
  • Check the Charges & Expenses section to determine the total cost of the project and the resources allocated.
  • Check the tickets (in progress and resolved) associated with the particular project.

There are other features like Project Notes for tracking its status and Attachments that display all attached images and files. With all these advanced features, AutoTask makes management pain-free for the entire team.

5. Secure Project Management

Security is the first and most important concern of every stakeholder. That’s another area where AutoTask excels. AutoTask allows you to grant and restrict permission to different project features, depending on the user’s authority.

AutoTask allows you to set security levels for each user, defining their rights to view projects, edit them, or share information within the reports.

These permissions are customized for different project types. For more information about the security settings, you can check the Project Security module on AutoTask and establish rights for the users for each project.

6. Collect Necessary Reports

In the Project Reports section, you can gather details of each report, including the budget, timeline, resources, access rights, estimated revenues, quality standards, and so on. However, these reports are accessible only to members who are authorized to access these files.

For instance, the admin can restrict general users’ access to financial reports while allowing them to view other project details. These reports also cover resource utilization and the project portfolio. All reports are documented neatly and are organized in the reports section.

7. Seamless Integration

Another reason why AutoTask is customers’ favorite is the level of integration it offers. Datto has created a flexible solution that integrates well with different applications, including third-party tools. You can also install extensions that work in tandem with AutoTask PSA.

Autotask’s integration with Remote Monitoring and Management, HR management, and Customer Relationship Management enables a smooth workflow. This saves you the time of copying everything from one software to another manually. The tool supports a seamless flow of information from one device to another, automating most of the hectic manual tasks.

Check out the integration page to get a detailed list of the apps it’s compatible with. It’s easy to manage all kinds and complexities of projects when you have all tools consolidated into a single system.

Bottom Line

AutoTask’s project management module is an all-in-one platform that gives you a consolidated view of all projects in one place. From assigning duties to employees to tracking budgets and expenses, AutoTask does all that. Now, you can sit back and watch this automated IT help desk tool handle your projects effortlessly.

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