What Are The 5 Key Benefits Of Connectwise RMM For IT Managers?

Benefits of Connectwise RMM

As businesses are adapting to the remote work culture, they are focusing on tools and automation technology that simplify hectic tasks.

Evert IT helpdesk companies needs a robust RMM (Remote Monitoring and Management) solution to maximize organizational efficiency. The tool automates a wide array of tasks, reducing your employees’ workload and offering seamless asset management.

Whether you are serving locally or expanding your operations on a global level, every MSP needs an advanced automation tool that makes remote monitoring hassle-free. That’s where ConnectWise steps in. The software offers out-of-the-box remote monitoring tools, all of which are customizable and designed to cater to small, medium, and large-scale businesses effectively.

Here’s how ConnectWise’s RMM solution can boost your business’s profitability and maximize operational efficiency.

1. Automate Manual Processes

Workflow automation is no longer optional. With a vast majority of businesses hiring employees from different parts of the world, automation has become more important now than ever.

According to a report by Zapier, 94% of employees mentioned in a survey that they execute the same repetitive jobs. 65% of employees felt relieved because of workflow automation, and two-thirds of these workers highly recommend automation to all sizes of businesses.

Automation is a must in IT businesses. If your company aims to resolve user issues before they even take place or cause any serious disruption, you need to implement automation. That’s your only chance to handle all kinds of technical and non-technical issues proactively.

ConnectWise’s RMM model automates most of your IT operations, ranging from ticket conversions to escalation. The automated remote monitoring scans all assets within your organization, including ones installed remotely. The patch management installs new updates and identifies bugs automatically.

2. Ticket Management

ConnectWise RMM’s ticket management solution makes ticketing pain-free for your team. Imagine a solution that automatically converts user queries and issues into tickets, assigns them to an available technician based on their skills, and escalates these tickets to higher-level management when required.

ConnectWise does all that. The tool ensures that tickets are assigned to the right representative, thus improving the resolution rate.

ConnectWise is known for its integrated ticketing approach. When the ticket is issued, the technician gets a full picture of the client, their background, previous tickets issued, and their resolution. This gives your agents a bigger picture, which streamlines ticket management.

With ConnectWise RMM, it doesn’t matter where your clients are located and from where they are raising the technical issues. All tickets generated from emails, phone, and live chat are converted automatically and assigned without manual intervention.

This saves your employees time in manually assigning the tickets to the available agent and tracking its status regularly. ConnectWise allows you to leave the entire ticketing operation to the RMM module while you can focus on other core business operations.

3. Boosts Security

While remote work trends and digitized workflow make employees’ lives easier, they also present security risks. There’s an increased risk of cyber threats for companies embracing virtual work culture.

Maintaining your organizational security becomes challenging, especially when your team is working remotely. From the network they use to access your company’s sensitive data to their passwords, everything presents an opportunity for an attacker to hack your system.

ConnectWise’s RMM offers many security tools, like automated patch management, which launches new updates as soon as they are released. You can have peace of mind knowing that your client’s network is safe and updated.

ConnectWise handles passwords, general memory, out-of-warranty devices, expired licenses, etc. It also identifies suspicious activities and sends alerts regarding unknown behaviors. This will help you identify vulnerabilities and fix them before they lead to a security breach.

4. Scale Your Business

When installing a new software application, the biggest concern of an organization is whether the application will scale with its business. Currently, you might have less than 10 employees and 50 devices. But you may have expansion goals for the future.

The right RMM tool helps your business scale efficiently. It automates most of the hectic manual operations and allows your team the time to focus on your business’ growth. ConnectWise excels in this area. Not only does it help with automation, but the solution is customizable and can scale with your business.

As your business expands and employs more people, you can upgrade your ConnectWise plan. A premium or custom plan offers a higher bandwidth and improved efficiency.

5. Offers Seamless Integration

Integration with third-party apps is a must for any software you install on-premises or in the cloud. Nobody wants to copy the same thing manually in different applications. ConnectWise RMM is your best bet if integration is your concern. The tool is flexible enough to be integrated with your HR, accounting, customer management, and other remote monitoring solutions for streamlined business operations.

The best part is that ConnectWise’s RMM and PSA can be integrated for better management. The data between these two tools flow seamlessly, offering your agents an intuitive interface where they can collect information about tickets, reports, security, updates, and other metrics.

This integration enables IT companies to respond to their clients quickly and get a consolidated view of their past tickets, background, and all assets in one place.

Here are a few you can track and control from a single dashboard:

  • Tracking billable time
  • Ticket management
  • Identifying sales and marketing opportunities
  • Managing reports and analytics
  • Monitoring remote operations

You no longer need to switch between different dashboards. Everything is neatly organized in a single centralized system, allowing stress-free management. ConnectWise RMM is a unified solution that allows you to manage all major operations efficiently.

Bottom Line

The benefits of ConnectWise RMM go beyond its cost-saving features. This customizable and scalable solution improves your ticket resolution rate and helps you meet your SLA targets. This, in turn, boosts clients’ satisfaction.

Happy customers will help in scaling your business. And RMM serves as the most integral component for achieving client satisfaction and a good reputation for your organization. You can also use ConnectWise RMM as your unique selling point to increase conversion.

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