Jira vs Servicenow Compared 2023

Jira vs Servicenow

Are you struggling to route, track and manage requests and issues? Are repetitive tasks bogging your service desk? Do you not have tools to analyze the data at hand?

If yes, then you must look at implementing a customer service solution that will help you define IT service desk workflows and improve team productivity and efficiency.

Jira and ServiceNow are two solutions using which you can centralize service operations, automate processes and deliver a positive customer experience.

We will be comparing Jira and ServiceNow to help you identify the right software for your service desk.

Introduction to Jira

Atlassian offers products for work, IT service management, agile, and DevOps. The Jira Service Management is a product that helps your dev, business, and IT team to connect and collaborate.

The product offers a unified view of customers and issues and lets agents leverage the knowledge base and AI to resolve issues quickly.

There are pre-configured templates available like ITSM, General, Analytics, Customer, and Marketing service management, among others. These templates let you implement ITSM solutions and scale your teams as needed.

Domino’s, Hitachi, and Vmware are some of the big companies that use the Atlassian IT service management product.

Introduction to ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a platform that caters to your business stakeholders and customers. It offers several products depending on IT, employee, customer, and creator workflows.

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a product that lets you transform your service desk, connect your organization and help agents deliver a seamless customer experience.

The product offers capabilities like custom applications, intelligent automation using AI, and actionable insights.

Swarovski, Zoom, NTT Data, and 7-Eleven are some of the big clients using ServiceNow’s customer service solution.

Jira vs Servicenow Compared 2023

Here are some features that you can explore before investing in a customer service solution.

1. Deployment Ease

Jira is fairly easy to deploy. On the Atlassian Support page, you can find detailed documentation guides for all their products.

For example, under the Service Management offering, you can find guides for getting started with the product, setting up projects, and designing workflows. Jira also offers enterprise services which include support in the form of partners and technical experts.

With ServiceNow, you can find product-specific documentation that will help with deployment. For example, on the Customer Service Management page, you can find resources in the form of data sheets, analyst reports, ebooks, webinars, and solution briefs.

2. User Interface

Both Jira and ServiceNow are feature-rich products that allow customization and several integrations.

For example, Jira Service Management is an ITSM solution that includes modules like problem, incident, configuration, and knowledge management. You can build dynamic forms and integrate with third-party tools from Microsoft, Google, and Salesforce, among others.

You will, though, have to spend time with the tool and get training to use Jira to its full extent. This is especially true for users with non-technical backgrounds.

Similarly, ServiceNow offers a centralized agent workspace, intelligent service automation, SLA management, and automatic routing, among others. You can integrate with CTI software and communication platforms. But like Jira, ServiceNow also has a learning curve to it.

3. Types of Customers

Jira can be used by small teams of two to large teams of 2000 users and more. Jira has a good market share among small to medium-sized companies. It also has large enterprises like Walmart as a part of its client list.

Similarly, ServiceNow has a good market share from small companies to large enterprises. But compared to Jira, the product fares well among enterprises making $1 billion to over $10 billion.

4. Platforms Available

Jira can be accessed through the web and mobile app. The software is also offered as a data center solution wherein you can manage the infrastructure yourself.

ServiceNow is available on the web and mobile platforms. The product can also be considered as a PaaS, as you can customize and deploy applications with the ‘Now Platform.’

5. Integrations

Jira has the upper hand over ServiceNow when it comes to this factor.

You can visit the Marketplace to explore all the apps that enhance the effectiveness of the Jira software. Here you can view apps through different categories like integrations, CRM, Admin tools, Language packs, and Time tracking, among others.

Some of the popular staff picks on the Marketplace are:

  • ScriptRunner
  • Xporter
  • Time to SLA
  • Git Integration
  • Elements Connect
  • Smart Attachments

ServiceNow provides support for over 300 partner and third-party integrations. You can visit the ServiceNow Store to get a full list of applications.

Some of the top integrations supported are:

  • Adobe
  • 3CLogic
  • CareAR
  • Zoom Contact Center
  • BarCodesTrueView
  • Salesforce Spoke

3. Pricing Options

Jira offers different plans and pricing for its cloud and data center offerings. You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. You can also see a pricing example on Jira’s pricing page.

The plans offered under the cloud are:

  • Free for ten users (monthly billing)
  • Standard – $7.75 per user
  • Premium – $15.25 per user
  • Enterprise – talk to sales

You can opt for the Jira data center if you want a self-managed solution. The pricing will change according to the number of users. For example:

  • 500 users – $42,000 yearly
  • 1000 users – $72,000 yearly and so on, going up to 50,001+ users

ServiceNow offers three packages for their Customer Service Management Product:

  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise

You will have to provide your business details and talk to a ServiceNow representative to get a custom quote.

4. Free Trial

The Standard and Premium plans for the cloud Jira offering are available at a 7-day free trial for up to 10,000 users. Please contact the sales team if you wish to explore the Enterprise plan.

The data center Jira offering is also available at a 30-day free trial. You will have to create a trial license to get started.

ServiceNow does not offer a free trial. You can request access to the demo library. You must have a registered account or register by providing business and contact details.

In the demo library, you can view bite-sized videos and live demos and access a hands-on developer instance.

5. Customer Service

Atlassian Support is the portal where you can explore resources like documentation, bug reports, community, system status, and billing and licensing FAQs.

You can log in to the product, like Jira Service Management, navigate to the Help section, and create a support request.

Additionally, the support offerings are bundled with the pricing plan. For example, the Standard plan gets technical support 9 hours a day, Monday to Friday. On the other hand, the Enterprise plan gets a dedicated senior team and phone number with 24/7 support.

Now Support is the 24/7 support portal offered by ServiceNow. Here you can access resources like available patches, upgrades, troubleshooting for known and common issues, documentation, Now Community, and the developer site.

Further, if you need help implementing or upgrading the software, you can make use of Co-Delivery and Partner Finder services.

Jira has a comparatively better support model.

6. User Training

Atlassian provides several learning mediums to users. For example, under the Support section of the company’s home page, you can find links to product documentation, Atlassian Support, Atlassian University, and Atlassian Community.

On the Atlassian University page, you can get started with free training tools and then opt for on-demand courses available at $39. If you wish to become Atlassian Certified, you can access certification bundle courses at $100.

On the Atlassian Community page, you can join groups, get product advice from experts, and attend events.

To access ServiceNow’s learning resources, click on the ‘Customers’ tab available at the top of the homepage. You can access documentation, case studies, training and certification, support, developer portal, and community here.

On the Now Learning page, you can attend liver classes, take on-demand courses and access hands-on labs. In addition, you can explore certification paths for roles like Developer, Architect, and Application Specialist, among others.

7. User Reviews and Ratings

As per Gartner Peer Insights, Jira has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 1918 user ratings of all time. Some of the highest-rated features of the software are deployment, integration, collaboration, backlog management, and product road mapping.

89% of the reviewers would recommend using the customer service software. The software also received the Customers’ Choice 2022 award.

On the other hand, ServiceNow has a rating of 4.6 out of 5, with 120 user ratings of all time. Some of the top-rated features of the software are product capabilities, service, and support. 80% of the reviewers would recommend using ServiceNow.

Jira vs Servicenow Comparison Table

Factors Jira ServiceNow
Deployment Ease Easy Easy
User Interface Easy to use, training required Easy to use, training required
Types of Customers Freelancers

Small and medium-sized companies

Large enterprises

Medium and large companies
Platforms Available Cloud – Web-based,

Mobile – Android, iOS

Data Center


Mobile – Android, iOS


Integrations Over 1000 free and paid apps Over 300 integrations available
Pricing Options Free – up to 10 users

Standard – estimated $7.75 per user

Premium – estimated $15.25 per user

Enterprise – talk to sales team

Pricing available on request

Plans available:





Free Trial 7-days Not offered
Customer Service Support as per pricing option:





Free sources:


Knowledge Base


Knowledge Base

Now Community


User Training Atlassian University Now Learning
User Ratings 4.4 out of 5 (1918 user ratings) 4.6 out of 5 (120 user ratings)


Using solutions like Jira and ServiceNow, you can enjoy benefits like efficient project management, optimized ticket handling right from creation to resolution, process automation, AI decision-making, and improved customer service.

The decision between Jira and ServiceNow depends on the size of your organization, budget, number of users, and business requirements. Do make the most of the free trials and demos offered to understand the extent of product capabilities offered.

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