Does Your Offshore Help Desk Company Use VOIP?


It is important to understand the technology your outsource help desk company uses when they serve your clients. The phone system, software, and hardware that your third-party organization uses can affect your business in terms of cost, customer satisfaction, and integration. One type of popular phone system for help desk companies is VOIP or voice-over-Internet protocol.

VOIP Benefits

VOIP is software used to make calls using the business’ Internet service. The speed and flexibility VOIP offers make it a more efficient choice over traditional phone systems. In fact, companies can see as much as 500% improvement if they switch from a regular phone system to VOIP.

With VOIP, a help desk company can use physical phones or a complete software-based system. This flexibility can help reduce costs, and the savings can be passed on to clients. With a software-based system, the type of headsets used can increase call quality and the efficiency of call center agents. This will improve the satisfaction of your customers and improve your relationship with your market.

The phone system software is also capable of integrating with customer relationship management systems. If an agent can access a customer’s information quickly and document the conversation in real-time then, it will increase first call resolution. FCR is an important metric for a call center, and the benefits extend to the goodwill fostered among your clients.

It is also easy to move, change and add information to the phone system and database. Real-time updating is essential to the efficient help desk company so that they can assist customers who have purchased recently released products.

Companies can choose what components they want to include in a VOIP system. Flexibility in component selection will benefit your organization so that the partner company can meet the needs of your offerings and your clients.

Improvise, Overcome And Adapt

Outsourced IT service desk company needs to be able to offer the experience and superior customer service to all of its clients and their customers. It needs to be able to cater to the unique requirements of each customer. An offshore organization needs to be able to contract and expand its staff when your company has seasonal fluctuations or a new product launch. And as your company continues to grow your help desk should grow with you to guarantee sustainability.

The adaptability of a VOIP phone system will support the help desk company with the day-to-day changes that can occur with its clients. If your company wants to ramp up its help desk activities in one week to assist customers with a new software release, your vendor company should be able to comply without a problem. If your business sees a seasonal decrease, your help desk staff should be able to adjust to the change, so you’re not charged for the staff you don’t need.

If the help desk sees an increase in a particular technical issue, it should be able to improvise a solution. With the ability to change and add information in real-time with VOIP, the partner agency will be able to detect the problem. Then they can discuss the situation with your organization, and implement a strategy as quickly as possible to help your customers.

In addition, if that technical support issue ends up creating an increase in call volume the help desk company needs to be able to add the additional phones and staff to support it. The ability to improvise, overcome and adapt to all situations is one of the primary benefits of offshoring your help desk process. Make sure the company you chose lives up to this expectation.

With a VOIP system, an outsource help desk company can see short and long-term cost savings, improved call resolution, integrated systems, and flexibility. This will reduce costs for your business while offering superior service to your clients. Find out what phone system your service provider uses and how it benefits your business.

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