ServiceNow vs AutoTask Compared 2023

ServiceNow vs AutoTask

Most IT companies have embraced help desk software solutions, and it’s not hard to see why. These applications are engineered to automate complex ITSM operations and simplify all kinds of technical jobs. A commonly asked question is, what should you look for in help desk solutions?

With dozens of options to choose from, it gets tricky to find a solution that caters to your organizational needs, fits your budget, and offers an exceptional variety of help desk tools that streamline your regular work.

ServiceNow is a popular IT help desk solution designed for all sizes and types of businesses. Another name that pops up in the search results is AutoTask. In this comparison guide, we will discuss the features of both solutions and some qualities that set them apart from each other. Read on.

What is ServiceNow?

Founded by Fred Luddy in 2024, the ServiceNow help desk is built on the Now platform and is one of the most trusted and widely implemented ITSM solutions. It’s a feature-packed software consisting of several modules that make IT functions easier and more streamlined.

The self-service portal of ServiceNow is for users having simple issues, like forgotten passwords or asset upgrades. They can fix it on their own, while the more complex issues can be routed to the IT agent through its ticket management module.

This SaaS product delivers an excellent user experience and serves as a one-stop platform for all service management tasks. You can identify the root cause of the repetitive issues, track and manage all your assets, and manage your remote workforce using its extensive range of IT management tools.

What is AutoTask?

Datto’s AutoTask is another service desk software that automates all technical operations and provides a consolidated view of all assets, IT tasks, user issues, and recent requests on a single dashboard. The software has an intuitive user interface and smooth navigation, making it one of the easy-to-use applications for non-tech-savvy users.

AutoTask is for Managed Service Providers that offer technical assistance to their IT teams. In addition to IT services, the solution helps manage security operations. It’s an all-in-one MSP tool for small to large-scale organizations. Using AutoTask, you can automate repetitive tasks. It’s a centralized platform that improves profitability, productivity, and performance.

The customizable dashboard and several widgets help you track your  help desk services and make informed decisions. The company claims to deliver 99.9% uptime and the best security management. You can use its reporting & analytics function to collect actionable insights.

ServiceNow vs AutoTask: Which Solution is Better for Your Business?

As you can see from the above briefs, both are SaaS products designed with the aim of automating IT operations. This reduces the workload of your agents, streamlines your business operations, and provides you with a consolidated view of the entire management function. Let’s check out the differences between the two.

1. Target Audience

ServiceNow is a robust ITSM tool that’s for IT help desks and large-scale organizations looking for streamlined IT operations. The solution is highly recommended for companies that want ticket management, reporting & analytics, asset management, change management, and all other IT operations in a single place.

ServiceNow’s clean and intuitive dashboard helps you use all its modules without technical assistance. All tools are organized efficiently and are easy to navigate within the solution.

AutoTask is as effective as ServiceNow (if not more) but is primarily designed for managed service providers. Startups looking to automate their services or those replacing their outdated MSP software can consider AutoTask for smooth management and quick configuration.

2. Support Service

ServiceNow is known for its 24/7 live customer support service. The company is available for assistance, no matter how small or complex the issue is. AutoTask offers the same benefits.

You can get in touch with their support teams through email, live chat, and phone. With a 99.9% uptime, AutoTask guarantees quick responses and a faster resolution rate.

There’s no easy choice between these two solutions when it comes to the support service. Both offer immediate help and are always available at your disposal.

3. Integration

A seamless integration between different platforms is essential for a streamlined workflow. You don’t want to manually enter the metrics from one solution to another just because they are incompatible with each other.

ServiceNow offers excellent integration capabilities and works with all important software apps that you use for communication, cross-departmental collaboration, HR management, accounting, and other tasks. You can integrate it with ServiceNow’s internal tools or third-party apps (whatever works for you).

AutoTask is a flexible MSP software application that can be integrated with over 170 third-party solutions to maximize your organizational efficiency. You can also integrate AutoTask with RMM (remote monitoring and management) to manage a remote workforce.

4. Asset Management

ServiceNow covers an asset management module that allows you to scan all assets within the organization automatically. From hardware to software, all assets are listed in a single place and with details, like the last update and any potential bug that requires a quick fix.

AutoTask offers a separate asset management and monitoring module that helps you manage organizational assets efficiently. However, the system is comparatively less extensive than ServiceNow.

5. Meet Your SLA Targets

Both software solutions are great choices when it comes to meeting SLA needs. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a comprehensive document that explains the expectations of clients and the level of services you will offer.

The document will be modified when the company scales and requests additional support from the IT help desk. Fortunately, ServiceNow and AutoTask offer excellent ticket resolution rates, which ensures that you meet the SLA target effectively.

6. Pricing

The pricing plan for both solutions is not disclosed on the official websites. You need to talk to their representatives to get a custom quote.

Bottom Line

ServiceNow is our best pick for large-scale companies with the goal of ITSM automation. AutoTask is more of a business management solution for MSPs that handle multiple clients, their security operations, and other IT-related operations from a single system.

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