SysAid vs Jira Compared 2023

SysAid vs Jira

If you are switching from a manual help desk to an automated ITSM software, the extensive range of features may seem overwhelming at first glance. With many software applications claiming to improve your user experience and offer excellent integration capabilities, how do you choose the best?

SysAid and Jira are the two popular help desk solutions. These are the most sought-after choices for small and large-scale companies looking to expand their IT help desk and facilitate hands-free IT operations. Both are featured-packed tools, offering comprehensive packages to IT companies.

In this post, we have shared a comparison guide for Jira and SysAid. We have evaluated both based on features, customer reviews, pricing, scalability, and other functionalities. If you have a hard time picking the most viable help desk solution for your IT business, read this post till the end.

What is SysAid?

SysAid is an all-in-one ITSM software solution that has consolidated all help desk functions into a single platform. The asset management tool lists all your hardware and software assets in one place and discovers their running status. These tools are automatically updated.

The company offers a sophisticated reporting and analytics section where you can track your help desk’s performance, financial status, number of tickets your team has resolved, and other metrics. What sets SysAid apart from other help desk solutions is the level of automation it offers.

The software was designed to automate most, if not all, IT solutions. From ticket automation to automated alerts, the solution handles your IT services without manual intervention. So, you can sit back and watch the software manage your help desk while your team can focus on more important tasks for your business growth.

Although SysAid works for all types and sizes of businesses, 60% of its users are mid-sized organizations, and 30% are Enterprises with more than 500 employees. Overall, SysAid is the best choice for organizations moving to a digital workflow.

What is Jira?

Jira is an agile project management software designed for small and large businesses following agile, scrum, kanban, and other modern project management methodologies. The solution is recommended for software development teams that need a centralized place to assign, track, and manage all operations efficiently.

The software is customizable, allowing businesses to configure settings that suit their business needs and unique workflow. Jira can be integrated with third-party solutions that extend its capabilities and make it your one-stop platform for all management operations.

Jira’s service desk is a highly efficient and flexible tool for IT businesses or large enterprises. Its self-service portal enables users to solve their basic issues, like resetting the password or changing administration rights in the Active Directory, on their own. The fully automated ticket management provides an easy way to route tickets to agents, escalate them when needed, and resolve them at the earliest.

By bringing the development and IT teams on a single platform, the Jira help desk facilitates amazing collaboration between different departments. It delivers a seamless user experience and streamlines your hectic IT operations.

SysAid vs Jira: Which One is Best?

There’s no cut-and-dried answer to this question. Both software applications are engineered to automate your manual task and support digitized workflow, but each comprises a unique set of features and different pricing policies.

1. Best For

Jira is a project management tool that’s primarily designed for software development companies following agile methodology. It supports ITSM functionalities but is not as extensive and streamlined as SysAid’s ITSM tool.

SysAid is an IT management software solution that helps businesses automate ticket management, escalation, reporting, asset management, and all IT-related operations. Using SysAid, you can improve the ticket resolution rate, as the software automates everything—from ticket conversion to escalation.

Both solutions are perfect for all sizes of organizations, although SysAid is users’ favorite for IT-related tasks.

2. Deployment

Businesses look for software solutions that offer easy setups and hassle-free configurations. Fortunately, both SysAid and Jira are SaaS products compatible with on-premises, cloud, and web-based installations.

SysAid supports Windows, Linux, and Mac, while Jira only works on Windows and Mac. Both work on iOS and Android mobiles.

SysAid offers global support and multiple languages, including French, German, Italian, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Portuguese. The support in the Jira help desk is available in Japanese and English.

3. Integrations

Jira can be integrated with 3000+ third-party apps. You can integrate Excel Sheet, Spreadsheet, Zoom, Slack, GitHub, Salesforce, and tons of other apps to streamline your help desk system.

SysAid is also compatible with third-party apps and offers excellent integration capabilities. It can be integrated with TeamViewer, Skype, Google Apps, SolarWinds, Office 365, Chromebook, CAS, Nagios, etc.

You can also integrate SysAid with Jira to bring a vast sea of agile project management and automated service desk tools into one place.

4. Pricing Plans

With a clean and transparent pricing policy, Jira software gets a competitive edge here. Startups with 10 or fewer employees can get its free version that offers agile reporting, apps and integrations, roadmaps, 2GB file storage, backlog, kanban boards, customized workflow, etc.

Jira’s Standard plan is also quite affordable. It starts at $7.5 for the cloud version. The Premium costs $14.5/month per user. At this price, you get a 99.9% guaranteed uptime SLA.

SysAid also has a free and freemium version, but the prices are not disclosed. You can get a custom quote based on the level of support and features you need.

5. Support Service

SysAid and Jira offer excellent customer support service to businesses that need professional help in getting started with the IT help desk service.

If you face any concern related to the software usage, automation, or interface, get in touch with the team through live chat or phone for quick assistance. They offer 24/7 support.

Bottom Line

SysAid is our best pick for mid-sized companies and Enterprises looking for a comprehensive ITSM solution with advanced features and excellent integration capabilities. It automates your entire workflow, offering easy management services. Jira is a great choice if you want a software for development teams and IT help desks.

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