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How To Create Teamwork In The Workplace

Fostering teamwork is a top priority for leaders. That’s because it provides key organizational benefits. It boosts productivity, increases efficiency, and empowers employees. More important, it improves customer service and customer satisfaction. Being part of a team comes from feeling part of something larger than you, which has a lot to do with an employee’s understanding of the organization’s mission. Put simply, it’s the feeling that everyone is working together for a common goal. Teamwork is a valuable managerial tool, if you know how to create it. Few leaders do. If fostering teamwork is a priority for you, it helps […]

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Decoding Leadership

Decoding The 4 C’s Of Leadership

Decoding The 4 C’s Of Leadership: What’s the biggest mistake in leadership? Arrogance? Self-interest? Acting too fast? Personally, I would say it’s being certain. Things change all the time. When we forget that, we become certain. And when we become certain, we forget to pay attention. Why bother? We’re certain. Being certain often gets leaders in serious trouble with their constituents whether their employees, shareholders, owners, or even voters. My second choice is betraying trust. When you betray someone’s trust as a leader, the rest doesn’t matter. As a leader you can’t afford to commit any of the mistakes mentioned [...]
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Switching Economy

5 Proven Ways To Tap The New Switching Economy

More than 51% of U.S consumers switched service providers in 2013 because of poor customer service—up 5% from 2012. That’s a surprising statistic. But it’s just one finding from a recent survey by Accenture. The survey measured the experiences of 13,168 customers in 33 countries across 10 industries and included 1,256 U.S. customers. Accenture’s survey provides a startling look into the changing consumer dynamics of today’s marketplaces. They call it the “Switching Economy” According to the survey: 90 percent of customers were put on hold for a really long time 91 percent had to call multiple times for the same […]

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7 Team Building Tips From Highly Effective Leaders

Have you been following the World Cup soccer tournament? If you’re like most soccer fans, you’re following it closely. Sponsored by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), the sport’s global governing body, the World Cup is held once every four years. It’s the biggest sporting event in the world and millions keep tabs on it. Winning the World Cup isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, and commitment & effective leaders to manage the team. It also takes teamwork. Without teamwork, a team can’t win the World Cup. As a manager, you know the value of teamwork, too. You […]

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