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Innovation Culture

The 10 Key Elements Of An Innovation Culture

Apple. Amazon. Google. What’s the secret behind their success? It’s their ability to innovate. These companies are among the most innovative in the world. And, thanks to their innovation culture, they’re also among the world’s most successful. But these are tech companies. They should be great innovators. Right? Innovation drives many tech companies. But it also drives many non-tech companies. Ever hear of Starbucks? How about Whole Foods Market? Or, Cocoa Cola? All are on the Forbes list of 100 of the world’s most innovative companies. Innovation benefits any company. It can benefit yours. Why is innovation so critical? It’s [...]
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FCR Rate

7 Technologies That Impact FCR Rate Positively

Want to boost your company’s bottom line? — Invest in inbound call center technologies that directly impacts FCR rate. That’s the conclusion drawn from a recent study by Benchmark Portal. This in-depth study shows a statistical link between technology maturity and key performance metrics. Sponsored by Cisco, the recent research report indicates that investing in advanced call center technology boosts the bottom line significantly. The report also indicates that investments in new call center technologies frequently pay for themselves within a year. More important, the report indicates that well-chosen purchases of new call center technology optimize company value. These are […]

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conflict in the workplace

Follow 8 Types of Conflict In The Workplace

Conflict in the workplace is painful. There’s no getting around it. It’s also a reality in every organization. Like change, it’s inevitable and it can dramatically impact your inbound call center’s morale and productivity.   But it doesn’t have to negatively impact your call center. A lot depends on how long you tolerate a conflict before addressing it. Minor arguments between call agents aren’t big deals. Often, they resolve themselves quickly. Get involved in these types of conflicts at your peril. Major conflicts are different stories. You must address them right away—especially if it involves several co-workers. That’s what effective [...]
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managing multiple relation

Managing Multiple Relationships: Best Practices

Think managing one vendor relationship is tough? Try managing two or three at the same time. It’s enough to make your head spin. If you’re managing multiple relationships, you know what a challenge it is. It can drive even the best manager crazy. The secret to managing multiple vendor relationships is to limit the complexity of doing so. The benefits from doing this include: Higher performing and more sustainable outsourcing solutions Reduced confusion and wasted time Better mitigation of risk To achieve these benefits you need to do two things (1) carefully govern the overall outsourcing landscape and (2) strategically […]

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