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good leadership

Does Good Leadership Mean You Can’t Be a Boss?

Even though boss has become a four-letter word, those who aspire to positions in higher management think in terms of being a boss, not a leader. Are these terms mutually exclusive or can you be a still be a boss while showing the characteristics of good leadership? Boss Versus Leader – Good Leadership A boss is a person who has a title, job description and authority. A leader is a person who has certain characteristics even if they aren’t in a position of authority. A person can teach you how to be a boss, but this may not make you a […]

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positive work

Help Employees Create a Positive Work and Life Balance

Employees who are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance perform better and less likely to leave your company. Yet in recent surveys of 23 countries, the US came in dead last. The country also ranks low in the areas of relaxation time and high for hours worked per week. Here are some ways that you can beat the averages and offer your employees opportunities for a positive work-life balance. Encourage Personal Time For Positive Work Employees need to take vacations, sick days and family leave for important situations. When they are able to relax they are able to focus […]

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Companies Blinded by the Stats

Growth hacking is a term that started in Silicon Valley and spread like wildfire through the rest of the business world. As with all new terms, however, both the definition and practice of growth hacking has changed drastically. Some companies are so engrossed with the numbers that they blinded by the stats. When you are shopping for vendor companies make sure you understand what the numbers mean. Evolution Of  A Term There are some businesses that believe growth hacking means that a company is using lean strategies to improve the growth of their business while lowering costs. This is only […]

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Building A Culture Of Trust In An Inbound Call Center

Do your call agents trust you? Chances are they don’t. Workers instinctively mistrust managers until they prove otherwise. It may not be fair. It may not be right. But it’s a fact of life. This is bad news for you and for your company. Unless you gain your people’s trust, their performance will suffer. Instead, they’ll react to your directives with distraction, fear, and paralysis. But you’ll never know it. Often, workers hide their mistrust inside “business” behaviors. They’ll sandbag on quotas, hedge stretch goals, and avoid accountability and commitment. Building A Culture Of Trust In Your Company These behaviors […]

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