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growth hacking

Growth Hacking For Your Company: The Essentials

Want to generate 10 million users for a new product in a few years? It’s possible using growth hacking techniques. What’s Growth Hacking? Growth hack is an innovative marketing technique that’s taking the business world by storm. In fact, in some circles, it’s already established. Why is growth hacking so hot? It’s proven. It’s low cost. And it’s effective. More important, it’s a game changer. Growth hacking is so powerful it can change a product’s “trajectory.” More important, it can change a company’s trajectory. That’s why companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and AirBnB all swear by it. Even YouTube, Zynga, […]

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Cloudsourcing: What You Need to Know for Maximum Returns

Working in the cloud has become an effective way to handle vital business processes. As more companies are looking at the cloud as an essential business tool, companies are looking at ways to leverage this new technology.  As cloudsourcing becomes the new outsourcing, there are important factors you need to understand. Instant Business Practices Information is the key to business success. Companies need important information regarding their business, their competitors and their market and they need it now. Real-time access to data allows companies to make quick decisions and remain agile. If a company can’t see a business trend and prepare […]

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Keep Regulations in Mind When Making Changes

All call centers have to adhere to government regulations. Whether your agents are collecting credit card information, collecting on past due accounts or handling sensitive customer information, everyone in the call center has to understand and abide by the appropriate regulations. If your company is looking to create a call center or expand operations, you need to make sure that change still obeys any regulations. Ignorance Not An Excuse If you are a new business or expanded your operations to include a call center, you have to know what regulations you need to follow. The fact that your company is […]

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Motivate your employees

Motivate Your Employees by Bringing Meaning to Their Work

Employers often complain about workers who are disengaged and unmotivated. Statistics show that more than 50% of employees suffer from low morale and under perform on the job. So it is important to motivate your employees. However, many of the employees who are engaged put in long hours and receive low pay. What is the difference? Often it is the work they do and its impact on society. Positive Impact Positive Environment Employees who realize that they help others with the products they create or services they provide are willing to go the extra mile. They work longer and harder […]

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