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Building A Culture Of Trust In An Inbound Call Center

Do your call agents trust you? Chances are they don’t. Workers instinctively mistrust managers until they prove otherwise. It may not be fair. It may not be right. But it’s a fact of life. This is bad news for you and for your company. Unless you gain your people’s trust, their performance will suffer. Instead, they’ll react to your directives with distraction, fear, and paralysis. But you’ll never know it. Often, workers hide their mistrust inside “business” behaviors. They’ll sandbag on quotas, hedge stretch goals, and avoid accountability and commitment. Building A Culture Of Trust In Your Company These behaviors […]

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RFS Process

4 Steps To Developing An Effective RFS process

It’s time to retire your RFS process. It’s old. It’s worn out. And it’s tired. It’s also limiting. Instead, do what many managers of inbound call centers and tech support services are doing when it comes to sourcing. They’re using Requests for Solution (RFS) proposals. And it’s producing more cost-effective solutions to IT problems—especially when working on critical high profile projects. It’s also good for Greenfield projects. The RFP process worked well in the past. It helped managers solve challenging IT problems by sourcing providers that could meet the project’s functionality requirements. But IT environments have changed. So have managers’ […]

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Using Technology To Go From Good To Great

Do you know what consumers want most from inbound call centers? If you don’t, don’t be embarrassed. Many call center managers don’t. What consumer’s want most from inbound call centers are great customer experiences. In today’s world, this means delivering experiences that are easy to complete, personalized, in context, and consistent. It also means offering experiences that are fun. Unfortunately, delivering these types of customer experiences remains elusive for many call centers. That’s surprising. Delivering great customer experiences is worth its weight in gold—literally. Not only do they boost customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, but they also differentiate you from […]

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Organizational Innovation

7 Tools That Drive Organizational Innovation

Organizational innovation transforms companies­. And it does it quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. That’s why hundreds of books talk about it. Properly implemented, Organizational Innovation: Boosts efficiency, productivity, quality, and competitiveness Captures value through solutions that meet new needs, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs in unique ways Increases job satisfaction employee motivation, and worker creativity Empowers employees to improve work processes And this is just the start. Never mind what it does for market share, customer loyalty, and customer satisfaction. But you can’t just talk about innovation and expect it to happen. You need to drive it. And that means […]

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