What Is Sharepoint And How Does It Work?

what is sharepoint

SharePoint is primarily a collaborative platform that enables organizations to streamline their business process with multiple features. The features like knowledge management, project management, content management, etc empower businesses to control business processes through automation and collaboration.

The web-based functionalities of SharePoint are also integrated with other applications. This facility helps businesses with enhanced productivity. Besides, all the features of SharePoint are customizable. So, businesses, small or large, can utilize the functionalities as per their requirement.

SharePoint has become an integral part of business for small to Fortune 500 companies. The unmatched features of SharePoint help increase the efficiency of business processes through content sharing, recording, and publishing. Businesses often utilize SharePoint to publish information such as HR policies, notifications, and messages.

Why is SharePoint Important for Your Business?

SharePoint is important for a business because your staff can access required assets from any browser or device. Thus they can become more productive by doing more work in less time. Moreover, SharePoint helps improve the IT help desk support services through automation of the process.  Here are the major benefits of using SharePoint:

  • View and manage data including various work assets
  • Publish and update corporate communication content such as notifications, events, and other posts related to projects.
  • Initiate collaboration on a team.
  • Work simultaneously on documents from multiple devices
  • Navigate files easily using meta tags
  • Integrate with other applications to enhance productivity

How Does SharePoint Work?

SharePoint provides a unique platform for businesses of all sizes and types to enhance their efficiency to the highest level. The unmatched benefits offered by SharePoint make it an integral part of small and medium to Fortune 500 companies.

The numerous features of SharePoint enable users to work easily and effortlessly, ensuring the best team collaboration. Thus it helps in creating a standard business procedure for file management and data security.

With SharePoint, You can experience improved help desk services as executives can access required work resources instantly while resolving issues. Moreover, they can upgrade their internal knowledge by posting their experiences while collaborating on a project. Here is how various features of SharePoint work to improve organizational efficiency.

1. SharePoint Content Management

In the SharePoint Content Management system, you can create and publish any kind of content, including forms, images, videos, articles, etc. You can also update the content and allow your team members to access the information whenever they need it. Two crucial parts of the content management system are publishing and versioning.

Publishing includes:

  • Developing pages using templates
  • Setting up a theme for your site & branding
  • Adding forms, charts, images, and videos to the site
  • Assembling content collected from various sources

Versioning includes:

  • Tracking the changes and updates
  • Provision for going back to the prior version
  • Restoring content to overcome errors
  • Sending old content to the archive

2. SharePoint Document Management

This feature specifies the storage and management process of documents in SharePoint. It means you can determine how to store the files and provide access to your staff. Two crucial parts of the document management system are data searching, access, and restoration.

Data Search

  • Your team can access content fast using tags and metadata
  • Locate files listed in a group by a tag


  • Manage whom you want to provide file access
  • Share files with teams and clients

Restore older document versions

  • Restore earlier versions of content if there is any error in the present version
  • Access files offline by Synching them to your PC through OneDrive
  • Restore documents existing in recycle bin
  • Restore the whole SharePoint library

3. SharePoint Knowledge Management

Knowledge management in SharePoint helps to enhance the overall ability of your team. This feature allows you to view and track how a project is going on. Most importantly, the shared ideas and experiences from the executives help improve the helpdesk support services. The crucial parts of the knowledge management system are as below.

SharePoint Team Sites

  • This feature includes a planner to track a project and share relevant information.


  • It allows publishing images, charts, and videos to share knowledge among teams.


  • This feature helps people locate required work assets such as project blueprints, workflow charts, etc.

Feedback Collection

  • You can conduct polls and viva to gather feedback from staff

Employee Analytics

  • Know employees’ interests by viewing the pages they click, and track the most popular quick links.

Blogs And Message Board

  • With this feature, employees can share their thoughts and suggestions.
  • The most popular tips and advice can lead to an improved process.
  • View the most active members who take the initiative and promote them.

4. Sharepoint Project Management

The project management feature in SharePoint provides combined features of knowledge management and collaboration. Thus it helps to manage projects flawlessly and effortlessly. The crucial parts of the project management system are as below.

SharePoint Team Sites

  • Develop centralized storage and keep all assets related to a specific project in one place.
  • Create a questionnaire to help people working on a project.
  • Design project planner and weekly exercises to streamline the workflow.

Work Scheduling

  • Document and record tasks and prepare a weekly plan
  • Update tracking record
  • Record issues and decision

Meeting Scheduling

  • Create a calendar for project milestones
  • Create a deadline for project submission
  • Schedule meetings regarding the project

Workflow Management

  • Approval of the decision and items to deliver as per the project planning
  • Collection of signatures and feedback

Integration of MS Projects with SharePoint site

  • Integrate your MS projects with SharePoint to view the project plan and structure on the SharePoint team site.


SharePoint is an all-in-one platform that organizations can use to automate their business process. It also allows secured data sharing both internally and externally. Besides, SharePoint also acts as an excellent collaboration and project management software.

SharePoint also provides the best data security with MS Office 365 data protection. This feature relieves your IT service desk from regularly working on issues of cyber threats.

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