How To Choose The Best Managed IT Service Desk Provider ?

managed IT service provider

When hiring a managed IT desk service provider, you must consider hard metrics and soft skills. As security has become a priority for all companies, people are seeking the help of qualified and experienced service desk providers to streamline their IT functions.

Putting your IT operations and database in the hands of an IT company might seem daunting at first. But contracting out this part of your management can help cut costs, improve operational efficiency, increase network security, and speed up your business’ growth.

Do you know 140,000 hard drive failures occur in the US due to mechanical faults or human errors? Drive recovery solutions can cost you thousands of dollars, whereas leaving the security-related tasks to your managed IT desk can prevent data loss in the first place.

8 Tips to Choose Best Managed IT Service Desk Provider

1. A Proven Track Record

A new IT company can help small businesses handle network security and management. However, a business scaling rapidly and with a complex network system needs a professional, experienced IT technician with a proven track record.

MSPs have extended their offerings to meet clients’ complex demands. A managed service provider will offer you ongoing tech support and a robust infrastructure for smooth IT functions. With so many options to choose from, you must work with someone with experience in this industry.

2. A Local Presence is a Bonus

Outsourcing business is all about remote offerings. And while that’s quite an asset for businesses looking for 24/7 support for technical issues, a local presence offers convenience.

Serious attacks can happen to any size or nature of business. In the first half of 2021, approx 304.7 million ransom attacks were reported. As people embrace the transition from traditional work models to the cloud, attackers are finding new ways to access secure networks.

Having a remote-managed IT service desk that can look into these issues is great, but it’s better if the IT company is within a short driving distance. Always consider the time zone before outsourcing your IT desk.

3. Check Response Time and Resolution Metrics

When you have extended network downtime, your IT service provider should respond quickly, look into the matter, and fix the issue before it causes inconvenience to your customers.

Resolution metrics are equally important. The contract will tell you the services they offer, the company’s expertise, and other details. Most IT service providers offer virus protection, 24/7 support, and patch management.

4. Consistency and Security are Important

The IT sector is the fastest-growing market. Your IT desk — be it the in-house team or the outsourced MSP, must offer consistent services. They must adapt to the changing security landscape and offer support services that suit your business.

Consistency is key to business continuity. Security is equally important. ITSM platforms aren’t immune to cyberattacks. In fact, they are at a greater risk.  Even a minor security breach in the MSPs network can impact their entire client base. So, check their security protocols before finalizing the deal.

5. The Size of the Company Matters

Ideally, a reputable IT service working with hundreds of clients seems the most viable option for your IT requirements. But is it really a good choice?

You don’t want your tickets to get lost among hundreds of professional technicians that are busy addressing other clients’ issues. It’s obvious that the company will have a long response time when they have a large client base and fewer IT technicians. This leads to a slower resolution rate.

That said, a startup IT technician isn’t a good option either. If you scale your business in the future, the small IT company won’t be able to address the complex technical issues. They may not cater to your growing security requirements.
So, the best strategy is to look for a mid-sized managed IT service desk provider that charges a fair fee and has a good reputation.

6. Flexible with Integrations

Billions of systems and devices work together globally to provide people with online resources. Not every system is compatible, though.

The IT service department will encounter environmental challenges and compatibility issues that differ from company to company.

Before contracting out your IT service desk to a third party, check if they are flexible and versatile. Can they adapt to your work environment and handle your IT systems efficiently?

As businesses are adapting to a hybrid infrastructure, it’s important that the MSPs are comfortable working in hybrid or remote environments.

7. Weigh the Cost

A report by CompTIA shows that 50% of businesses that outsourced their IT service desks reported up to 24% savings in their annual cost.

MSPs offer different pricing plans. Some charge on an hourly basis, while others charge based on the number of users or devices rendered. Some providers have a fixed fee, regardless of the number of users, systems, and the complexity of the service.

Get quotes in writing from different IT-managed companies and compare them. Don’t just base your decision on the price alone, though.

8. Conduct an Interview

When entrusting the IT technician with your network management, you will expect the professionals to meet your requirements.

They should be available every day, all week, and round the clock for quick assistance. They must have a track record of closing tickets fast and offering the best resolution service. You can assess their professionalism during the interview round.

Here are a few questions to ask the managed IT service desk provider.

  • Can you share the specification sheet that has a list of your services and product offerings?
  • What does your current clientele base look like?
  • How long will the implementation take?
  • What’s your average response rate and resolution time?
  • How do you charge your clients?

Bottom Line

Every organization needs an IT service desk for day-to-day technical assistance or complex network issues. While you may have a qualified in-house team for the technical work, it’s best to leave this task to a professional agency that can work with your existing IT team to offer better and more robust solutions.

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