Why Is ServiceNow Better Than Others?


Business leaders are focusing on modern technologies to streamline IT operations and achieve customer satisfaction. That’s why they are embracing a transition to digital workflows. As a result, enterprise software solutions have become mainstream.

ServiceNow is an industry leader that has gained immense popularity for offering seamless integration and a vast range of services for a smoother workflow. You should work with IT help desk providers that implement ServiceNow to automate your IT management.

ServiceNow is a cloud-based software platform that offers IT management services. It’s designed to manage all IT management services, providing businesses with several apps and plugins that can streamline their daily operations.

From customer interactions to project management, ServiceNow is an all-in-one ITSM solution that optimizes your management operations and boosts productivity.

According to the latest SaaS statistics, 88% of the respondents used some form of cloud services. In addition, 25% are planning to move their entire business operations to the cloud, and 49% mentioned using a mix of cloud and on-premise services. Of all SaaS companies, ServiceNow is the most reliable option for automation. Here’s why.

1. All-In-One Solution

You can deploy several software apps to automate different areas of your business. However, managing them can get tricky if these systems do not allow you to exchange information within the system effortlessly. That’s where ServiceNow is different.

Its core functionality is managing IT-related tasks. But the company has extended its uses to all management functions, including HR, security, customer relationship, and other business operations. They have integrated all functions into one centralized system.

The software has made it easy for managers and in-house IT departments to interact with different departments, request services, and automate manual tasks efficiently. It allows your team to handle various operations from a single system. For example, your employees can:

  • Book a venue for job interviews
  • Request the legal team to review a contract
  • Order a new computer
  • Simplify new employee onboarding
  • Manage customer inquiries and feedback

Their goal is to make people’s life easier—whether you are an end user or an IT help desk company looking for a seamless cloud-based service for automation.

2. Compatible With all Sizes of Businesses

ServiceNow is a highly compatible and versatile cloud-based software solution. It supports a single-user portal where you can track enterprise-wide metrics, location, employees, customers, and all company’s assets.

It’s not just software but a complete automation engine that brings your human resources, management processes, and all departments together for a seamless workflow. There’s also no limit to scalability. ServiceNow supports businesses of all sizes and structures.

Whether you have 20 employees or thousands, this enterprise-wide IT system is the most versatile option for all types of companies.

3. Secure and Compliant

One of the most common reasons people consider technical helpdesk outsourcing is security. Privacy, security, and compliance are crucial for all companies, irrespective of their size and nature.

ServiceNow offers its features in a safe and reliable environment. The platform uses HTTPs, which ensures encrypted communication between your website and the browser. It also offers encryption plugins that can further boost security. This cloud-based software offers secure application integration, implementation, and custom application development.

ServiceNow has a GRC module that handles Governance, Risk, and Compliance. You can monitor risks, assess their severity, and find practical solutions within the software. Based on this, businesses can respond to threats efficiently.

The cloud-based software features a neat dashboard that generates customized reports, giving you real-time visibility of potential vulnerabilities. It’s easier to respond to these threats based on their impact on your workflow.

4. Easy-to-Use Service

Finding the most reliable tool for interactions between the internal departments of a company is often pretty challenging. Yet, your employees need to stay in touch with HR, legal departments, accountants, and IT help desks to do the work they are hired for.

ServiceNow enables quick and seamless interaction across different departments within your organization and makes information accessible to your employees. In addition, the software can automate cross-departmental operations, making your employee’s life easier.

The best part is its easy-to-use structure. It works for professional coders and those with little to no coding experience. Anyone in your company can digitize their workflows using ServiceNow, regardless of their IT knowledge.

5. The Best Quality IT Services

Every IT help desk provider needs a reliable, scalable, and high-quality ITSM solution that can satisfy their end user. A business hires IT desks to work with their in-house IT teams and manage security-related issues, customer concerns, data backup and recovery, and other technical operations.

To help you achieve these goals, ServiceNow helps you in the following ways.

  • Develop self-service portals within ServiceNow
  • Use a virtual agent to save time and cost on ticketing. Now, users can send their queries and concerns to the helpdesk anytime and from any device.
  • Use performance analytics to track your real-time progress.

The Now platform consolidates your business processes. Using the system, you can eliminate redundant procedures to encourage maximum business efficiency and faster operations.

6. Manage Your IT Investments

Your IT strategies must be aligned with your organizational goals. To optimize your IT processes and maximize returns from your IT projects, you need a system that offers transparency in managing employees, customers, resources, and different departments within your organization.

ServiceNow system ensures that your IT investments are aligned with your company’s goals. It ensures faster adoption of modern technologies to streamline IT functions. It provides you with a single system that optimizes your IT processes and allows you to offer value to your clients within your budget.

Bottom Line

ServiceNow is better than other SaaS solutions because it’s easy to configure and offers a single centralized unit for all business operations. Although it’s primarily used for IT purposes, the company has extended its functions to all areas of business, including human resource management, customer management, legal work, accounting, and so on.

It boasts seamless integration capabilities, enabling you to monitor all business operations from the dashboard. The software can be implemented in nearly any organization without costing extra for server maintenance.

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