What Are The Top 5 Features Of ServiceNow?

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ServiceNow has developed a new approach to cloud computing by creating a unique service model. It has changed the core of the digital world with the finest software innovation. Its all-in-one cloud platform allows you to define, design, and automate your entire workflow.

ServiceNow enables the fastest service experience that replaces manual transactions to simplify the delivery of services. So, you can discourage the traditional spreadsheet and emailing system and bring a more sophisticated work process.

ServiceNow provides a cloud-based platform where you can build and organize regular business operations. It allows you to improve the organization’s functional efficiency.

Further, this automation platform is adjustable with different software and brings numerous advantages for IT service desk outsourcing companies. It offers a widespread ticketing system that simplifies the job of the IT help desk team and resolves daily in-house IT problems.

ServiceNow works as an excellent coordination platform for remote and onsite workers. Employees can raise a ticket to other departments if face an issue with the concerned team, and get the issue resolved virtually. The platform continuously updates itself and develops new features to provide tailored services to different types of businesses. In this post, we will discuss the business benefits of ServiceNow and its features.

Why is ServiceNow a Popular Cloud Service Platform?

ServiceNow provides an exhaustive cloud platform to enhance enterprise IT efficiency. Its unmatched benefits make ServiceNow a popular IT supporter. Here is how ServiceNow can benefit your business.

  • ServiceNow is easy to use an emphatic platform and performs 75% of your IT operational task
  • It requires a nominal setup task resulting in the immediate start of operation.
  • It helps solve multiple business issues.
  • It is an adaptable SaaS platform where companies can operate quickly using different tools.
  • The platform offers flexible design options that you can use to create forms using any kind of database.
  • Its unrestricted architecture allows you to run the software on any system.
  • It enables businesses to provide service while analyzing vital service desk metrics.
  • In ServiceNow, you can quickly develop apps with no or minimal coding.
  • It simplifies the management process by offering a single operating system.
  • Its advanced automation tools benefit enterprise management processes while increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • ServiceNow tools help evaluate security conditions, discover vulnerabilities, and adapt to required measures.

Top 5 Features of ServiceNow:

Now we are aware of the benefits that you can obtain from ServiceNow. The best things about this platform are its simple and adaptable design, scalable tools, fast and secured implementation process, etc. Its low cost and real-time tracking ability make the platform your IT service partner. Here are the top 5 features of ServiceNow.

1. Workforce Management

The new ServiceNow Quebec release helps with more effective planning and analytics flow for your team. It primarily assists the outsourced IT help desk team to enhance their productivity. Managers can efficiently plan the shift of the employees.

Key Benefits:

  • Predict team needs based on previous records
  • Follow the calendar to plan team events, agent shifts, and programs
  • Get assistance for planning and operating working shifts
  • Allow your team to apply for leave from a central place.
  • Managers can plan and ensure the company’s service goals are achieved.

2. Fieldwork Managing

The Dispatcher Workspace of ServiceNow has added a new height in fieldwork management. Dispatchers can effectively execute their responsibilities with this fieldwork managing software. They can perform error-free management while assigning tasks to agents, monitoring their performance, and maintaining tracks.

The flexible interface provides a comprehensive and automated user experience. Further, the improved features help dispatchers create the workflow efficiently.

Key Benefits:

  • View and manage the dispatch queue from the dashboard.
  • Use the calendar to get the agent list and their availability to map with the task list.
  • Get full support in the dispatching function for auto-assignment, agent guidance, and task planning.
  • Get all crucial data organized in one customizable place.
  • Dispatchers can effortlessly supervise the queues with automatic assignments of the agents, SLA details, and task information.

3. ServiceNow Mobile Apps

The new ServiceNow Mobile Apps have come with numerous improved features and updates. These advanced features ease the tasks of both managers and users of the system. You can read Introducing the Now Support mobile app for an insight into the Now mobile app.

In the Now app, you can view all information on a card. You can also edit the card with the help of a mobile card builder, where will find all data in a graphical form. It turns the cards into interactive mode, allowing users to execute activities instantly on the card. You can edit the recorded contacts and add new entities to the card.

Key Benefits:

  • Make your search more efficient with cutting-edge search tools.
  • Use an automated search tool to correct typos and track queries.
  • Edit card structures and the information to map it up with your service desk outsourcing need.

4. ServiceNow Experience UI Builder

The new version of the Now Experience UI builder is different and better. It not only enables you to make a landing page but also provides a complete user interface builder. Besides, you can view the final interface while working on new projects.

Key Benefits:

  • Create user interfaces that fulfill your business needs and provide improved experiences for users.
  • Engage customers with good experience and reduced time.

5. ServiceNow Platform

The Instance Scan capability of the Now platform has become popular among users. It displays the problems of the platform and suggests options to execute the best methods. The Instance Scan checks your current formatting and remediates any possible issues.

It enables you to utilize defined measures to scan the applications and edit the records. You can view the outcome of the scan in a systematized dashboard.

Key Benefits:

  • Get effortless editing and patching, experience reduced problems, and enjoy a convenient and faster user experience.


ServiceNow is an excellent platform to simplify all business processes with automated functionalities. It helps create an incorporated workflow with all departments of your company. ServiceNow continually releases new and updated features to deliver an improved user experience. This post describes the top 5 ServiceNow features that can multiply your functional abilities.


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